1. CuriousB

    [INFJ] How to get others to understand infj complexities

    Hi fellow infjs I'm new here and I can't sleep and I have some qs lol As an infj (at least for me and from what I've read about the type) it seems many of us don't feel understood and the greatest thing to achieve in a romantic relationship (or even friends & family) is that understanding. For...
  2. Kelly

    [INFJ] Do you value being loved or being understood higher?

  3. Kelly

    Are INFJs good partners for INFJs?

    My boyfriend just took the type test and got INFJ (I'm also INFJ) and in afraid he may have skewed some answers because that's what he wanted (the same as mine). I don't think he is INFJ at all but I suppose he may be. I'm just wondering how well INFJs can work with themselves. I'm really...