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  1. E

    What is your Gender?

    Really, everyone doesn't actively think about this question. When asked this question most will think of their privates as they're ingrained into our identity. That is our sex. Our sex is our biological structure. Every human being alive started with a vagina. Then it became dependent on...
  2. CuriousB

    [INFJ] How to get others to understand infj complexities

    Hi fellow infjs I'm new here and I can't sleep and I have some qs lol As an infj (at least for me and from what I've read about the type) it seems many of us don't feel understood and the greatest thing to achieve in a romantic relationship (or even friends & family) is that understanding. For...
  3. Kabss

    A Philosophical Need

    Writing this here because I only expect Intuitive minds to understand this. Do you ever feel like an old soul ? Mocking the whole casual dating mindset this society has and having a strong judgement of how things usually work out to be or should be. I don’t know where I’m going with this thread...