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  1. Anewfoundsydney

    [INFJ] exJehovah’s witnesses

    Im new here, this is my first post/question for other INFJs out there who are exJW. This is actually not what I thought I would be posting first, but the topic of spirituality and religion peaked my interest on here. My question is, if you are INFJ, what are your thoughts on being a part of any...
  2. plurjosh

    Evolving Into Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

    I invite those reading this or listening, to take a couple deep breathes into the center of your chest, visualize arriving at a temple, and even before removing your shoes, wrap up any judging, any agendas of what you may think this is, and any notions about what belief is and take that folded...
  3. Yugen

    Runes in divination

    Hi there, I am quite new to divination despite practicing magic from some time. I need advice on how to read runes and their meanings in divination. If some of you witches and/or wiccans out there could help me I'd be grateful! I know the different methods but once you have your runes out how do...
  4. Moony

    Believing or seeing?

    Hello! Since INFJ's are known to be living paradoxes, skeptical and positive to most things, at the same time, I was wondering if you are a believing or seeing kind of person? Do you need proof to believe? Like, to believe in true love, soulmates, miracles, magic (not necessarily religion) or...