social interaction

  1. OrangeLizzard

    I always feel like there's a secret I'm unaware of in social situations

    I don’t know why but I never feel comfortable when I leave my house and step foot into the “real world”. For some reason I just feel I’m leaving my real self at home and whenever I step out I’m more guarded and not authentic. Because of this belief that the real me is at home, I just feel fake...
  2. 5

    [INFJ] Extroverted Feeling: Cowardice or Courageous?

  3. G

    Why don't INFJs fit into society

    I keep reading articles all over the Internet saying that INFJs are known for being outsiders and not fitting into society. However, I can't figure out why. I believe I accurately match the type description, but I don't understand how any of the qualities in the description could make me...