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  1. Anewfoundsydney

    [INFJ] exJehovah’s witnesses

    Im new here, this is my first post/question for other INFJs out there who are exJW. This is actually not what I thought I would be posting first, but the topic of spirituality and religion peaked my interest on here. My question is, if you are INFJ, what are your thoughts on being a part of any...
  2. patriz

    What are "fun facts" you could share about Islam?

    I'm catholic and surrounded by Muslim friends. This religion is one that I highly respect. The person I love is a Muslim and I feel closer to him the more I learn about the religion. Generally, Islam is a beautiful religion and I want to learn more about it in any way I can. Thank you.
  3. wiredandwound

    How does the Innovation of Old Ideas Occur?

    I have mentioned various things from mundane personal feelings, science, and philosophical opinions. I appreciate that we all have various levels of experience and practice that are unique to us. I see all to often that someone's point of view is "written-off", without question - in which I am...
  4. Yugen

    Runes in divination

    Hi there, I am quite new to divination despite practicing magic from some time. I need advice on how to read runes and their meanings in divination. If some of you witches and/or wiccans out there could help me I'd be grateful! I know the different methods but once you have your runes out how do...
  5. SeekerSeeking

    Original Sin--Born with the sin nature...

    I am writing a book of fiction. In it, one of my characters does NOT believe in 'original sin.' He believes in 'original love.' That we are conceived in God's love--no matter who your parents are. That we have a beautiful soul and the choice to act righteously or not. And some of the not acting...
  6. K

    Christianity to New Age?

    Has anyone transitioned from a Christian background to New Age beliefs? Why? Or vice versa - have you transitioned from New Age to Christianity? Why? Could New Age ideas resemble Satan tempting Eve with knowledge in the garden of Eden? How do you know that your intuition is not being...
  7. C

    [INFJ] New Philosophical Movement: Kellerinianism

    New World Religion / Spiritual Movement / Societal Movement : Revealing The Kellerinianism Movement! Also known as: BACON SPIRITUALITY! This is a NEW Movement! This is a societal, philisophical, political, spiritual, and soulful lifestyle movement aimed at...
  8. Sandie33

    [INFJ] The Rule Riders: Rebels With Just Cause

    This post isn't just about spirituality and religion, yet I stashed it in here as to avoid confusion, maybe. We are all on a quest to 'find ourselves'. We all have to respect the societal rules that are often a heavy imposition for us to obey. This is how a Rebel is concieved. So, as the poll...
  9. flower

    Which Ancient Religion Does Your Spirit Belong To?
  10. NataljaC

    INFJs and Religious/Spiritual Affinities

    Hello, my people. I haven't been here in quite a while, and much has happened since then. This site has actually been very helpful in defining my identity. I felt free to express myself, and the resulting support and objective criticism was invaluable. But as with many things in life, it wasn't...