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  1. BXM


    MINDSET: Mood when stupid people talk to me: INFJ Animal: The Wolf John Snow is a great example of an INFJ- never wanted to be a king even though he is a natural leader. How I feel: Me after finishing one book:
  2. BXM

    [INFJ] A philosophical quote that has altered your perspective:

    One of the things I take to is finding thought-provoking quotes/sayings that impact my reality. For example, one quote that stands out to me: “We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." What are some you have?
  3. aeon

    Niece Waidhofer Apology

    Instagram star/model Niece Waidhofer recently posted this to her IG account, and I thought it worth sharing. What are your thoughts about it? -------
  4. Gaze

    Does non-scientific or evidence based = not real?

    Does non-scientific or evidence based = not real? Must it be true that something is only real or true if it can be scientifically supported or proven?