1. neya

    What is, in your opinion, the best free MBTI test to take?

    Hi! So I have been interested in typology for some time now, but I never truly felt comfortable with what MBTI I was given, and am still unable to type myself based on information about the types. So I was wondering what you guys think is the most accurate/best MBTI test to take to get typed as...
  2. 2

    [INFJ] Why does this happen to me?

    Okay, I just wanna ask you guys as to why people go quiet, not talk to others and put their 100% attention to me when it's my turn presenting something in front of the class? When I observe other people when other people do their presentation, they are light hearted, some are talking to other...
  3. Artisan

    Your most spiritual moment

    Hey people, Since this differs for most people, I am curious as to the details of your spiritual moments and thus I have a couple of questions about them :) - What you are doing when you experience your spiritual moments? - Where/When do you experience your spiritual moments? - How...