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  1. pememily

    [INFJ] Quieting Your Mind

    Hello, I'm an INFJ in college and I have been dating a wonderful ENFP for a little over a month now. Everything is going great, but one thing that bothers me is the fact that I can't seem to quiet my mind enough for me to just enjoy the physical parts of my relationship. I'm always thinking...
  2. Rowan Tree

    [ESTJ] Dysfunctional ESTJ?

    There is someone with whom I have worked well in the past, but have come to regard as potentially highly dysfunctional, manipulative, megalomaniacal, etc. In all honesty, this person's behaviour strikes me as increasingly concerning—showing signs of harrassing and bullying, but also...
  3. Scientia

    [INFJ] Emotional sponge

    Kiersey calls the INFJ The Counselor. In my experience, this tends toward truth in that I can be anywhere in almost any setting and someone will start talking to me about life issues. I listen, reflect and guide almost on autopilot at times. Recently, I was at a gathering and three different...