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  1. ringobingostarr

    Hi fellow INFJs! Do you relate?

    Dear fellow INFJs, Isn't so so so hard to be an INFJ? I mean, NiFe... they don't really work well together... it's strange how we exist haha... it makes sense that we are the rarest! It's also crazy how I recognise whenever someone is feeling down or depressed. It's like this sort of empath...
  2. aeon

    AI Created This

    This is a megathread for AI-generated artworks of any kind. The usual forum rules apply.
  3. InTRovErT34

    Collective thought's poetry..

    Hello my thoughts for this thread is a group exercise in forming poetry from the collective (participants) A collaboration of all our minds . So what I was thinking is that anyone can start a line of poetry, of there topic. Write 1to 2 lines stop.. and let the other participants take off from...