1. D

    Five Values

    Tell me your five top values when you're performing at your natural best. Who is the 'value-you'?
  2. Y1gtfmd74i5u

    The Undiscovered Self C.G. Jung

    Has anyone else began reading this? I found myself perplexed at picking up this book at this particular part of my mbti/ life journey as I was literally feeling science was failing spirituality and vice versa. Wondering if it would be acceptable to start a thread off of the topic of this work.
  3. Tango India Mike

    Good vs Nice

    What is the difference between being good and being nice? Can you ever be good without the ability to cause harm?
  4. ReasonEnduring

    [INFJ] INFJs - A Duty To Care?

    Something I've been thinking about recently. I welcome all opinions, not just that of INFJs. INFJs are to a degree emotional creatures. I'm not sure how far this extends with other INFJs but from what I've seen here and other's I've spoken with INFJs feel other people's pain and often find...