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mental illness

  1. ByTheWaves

    The OCD Thread. For all sufferers.

    Hello. First of all, I hope this is in the right section- Psychology and MBTI.... Haha. (For a bit, I thought it was relating psychology to MBTI types and vice versa.) Anyhow. I have OCD. I was diagnosed a few years ago but I didn't think much of it. However, after my recent visit to a doctor...
  2. Akanksha

    Infj and mental disorder

    Is it just me who thinks infj personality comes with many mental disorders and that's one of the reasons we are rare because maybe we're ideal humans but not practically perfect creation for survival.
  3. D

    Bipolar or just very INFJ

    I've researched quite a bit, on this website, and on Quora and Reddit and there are very little answers available. But I have seen people pose the question of whether there is a link between bipolar 2 and being an INFJ. And I'm wondering the exact same. I understand that bipolar 2 is an actual...
  4. Sandie33

    MI or more to the story?

    Here is a story After reading through this story, do you agree that the "person of interest" acted alone as the story...