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  1. neow

    [INFJ] INFJ male doesn't want to be friends anymore and ignored messages. What should I do?

    Hi all, I'll try to be as concise and unbiased as possible but there's a lot :sweatsmile: I'm a female ISFJ who really needs advice and has exhausted all other options of opinions from my closest friends and my mother. This is about the same INFJ guy who is in the same university friendship...
  2. ISFJmarriedtoINFJ

    [ISFJ] Married to an INFJ, hitting marital issues

    I am an ISFJ and have been married to an INFJ for almost 13 years. Recently, he told me he doesn't feel as though I push him to grow, or inspire him as much as he feels he should be in a relationship. This came as a surprise, but in the course of talking about it, we realized a few things: He...
  3. neow

    [ISFJ] Why is ISFJ male switching between cold/distant and friendly?

    Hi! I realised my first post was way too long but I haven't been able to delete (it's been less than 24 hrs so I thought I would be able to) >_< Why is he recently switching between cold/distant and friendly towards me? I'm a female ISFJ and I have known this INFJ for 2 years now. We both...
  4. neow

    [ISFJ] Confused by INFJ's mixed? signals

    Hi! I've been lurking on this forum a few times but I decided to join ^_^ I'm a female ISFJ and I have known this INFJ for 2 years now. We both study the same thing but he's 2.5 years younger than me if that's relevant :p We've also both never actually been in a relationship. I'm usually more...