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  1. Gaze

    Introvert With High-Functioning Anxiety

    Here's an article on "15 Signs You’re an Introvert With High-Functioning Anxiety." How do you connect with some of these traits and how have you handled your anxiety? I'm asking because although I know I have anxiety, I...
  2. Gaze

    Educational videos on introversion

    Post educational videos on introversion here. :) Introverts at Work : 15 Things Introverts Don’t Do That Makes Them Excel
  3. RonjaRaeubertochter

    How often do you leave the house to actually meet with people in real life?

    The Infj cliche is one rather staying home. So, how often do you get out there?
  4. Aref

    [INFJ] Choosing career path

    Hello there. I'm on the last semester of my information technology bachelor though my university grades/scores are very good (A+ for final half duration of study) But unfortunately I've found i don't like engineering jobs. I'm a male person 23 years old. I need your advice to choose. What do you...
  5. Elvalight

    Career ideas?

    I found out I was an INFJ fairly recently and was hoping for advice regarding careers. I love planning, organizing, animals and listening to people, so my top job options were a vet tech, counselor, or event planner. The thing is, I have anxiety and don't think I would be allowed to become a...
  6. Gaze

    "3 Signs You're the 'Bad Kind of Introvert'"

    "3 Signs You're the 'Bad Kind of Introvert'". Agree or disagree with the article? What's your experience with these traits being good or bad? 3 Signs You're the 'Bad Kind of Introvert' and Need to Change It's fine to be chill. It's not fine to let that define your work. Contributing editor...
  7. Gaze

    11 Places Every Introvert Should Go - Have you?

    Have you ever been to anyone of these places? What was it like? Would you recommend it for introverts? 11 Places Every Introvert Should Go In Their Lifetime No crowds? No problem. 11/14/2016 12:21 pm ET Suzy Strutner Associate Lifestyle Editor, The Huffington Post Introvert travelers tend...
  8. PintoBean

    Introverts and their Bad Rep

    Sorry, I know this is a well-trodden topic of discussion. Anyway, the latest school shooter in OR somewhere self-described himself as an "introvert." As an extreme introvert myself, I get totally skin-crawly whenever this word is bandied around concerning violent, anti-social losers. It...