intj infj relationship

  1. E

    INFJ Female, INTJ Male - Advice needed

    Hello, I am fairly new to MBTI, but my now ex partner very much relates to his type and encouraged me to find out mine. I am an INFJ and he is an INTJ. Myself and my INTJ were in a relationship for a little under a year, had been on mini breaks, introduced friends and family, recently just...
  2. Rosaliya

    Help needed from INFJ's - an insight into INTJ - INFJ relationship

    Ok, so I'm an INTJ female and very recently fell hard for an INFJ male. It wasn't something I wanted, I didn't want a relationship at the moment and was completely shutting down my romantic/feelings radar. But we met accidentally by mutual friends and something happened instantly. I got...
  3. Keirouen

    Does an intj have hope of fully understanding an infj?

    In the deepest possible way, can an intj hope to understand how an infj thinks and feels? Is an intj capable of experiencing a wide spectrum of emotions as intimately as an infj naturally does? Or is it that, if an intj manages to feel what an infj feels -the intj has now become an infj...