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Dec 14, 1993 (Age: 28)
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Travel more of course :)Well how about meet m

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Aug 17, 2015
    1. Scientia
      Happy Birthday!
    2. nosferatu
    3. Switchgirl
      Ohhh me!? Girl, after your exhilarating and exciting description of your summer, mine a total bummer in comparison to yours. LOL!

      Hmm, after that Accounting job, I didn't really do too much during the summer. Just hung around these forums, hung out with my boyfriend, and
      travelled to a city called Vancouver (in Canada^^). As with the boyfriend, I think I'm going to give up on trying to type him.. But I think he's an ISFP or
      ISTJ but really I have no idea. We've been sort of arguing quite a bit (even to this day). Our arguments are really heated arguments over silly little things..
      but when things are good, they are REALLY good. I guess he's been adding that spice to my boring life though. xD

      OH YEAH while you were away I totally threw out the type INFJ out the window for myself. I had an INFP phase, then ENFP phase.. Then xNFP phase..
      and now I'm thinking ENFJ but I'm still not totally sure. So yeah, that's my two months for ya~~ So boring!! XDDD

      I've missed ya and that sexy voice of yours ;)
    4. Switchgirl
      What!? Whoa, I had no idea that you were working in the army :O. Anyhoo, I hope all is well. :( I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin as well.
      It's quite frustrating thinking about it, because why must your cousin have to deal with all of that in the first place. Why can't the world just be
      more peaceful =(. I'm so sorry to hear about your hometown, and all of Ukraine in general. Why must things have to resort to that? I hope everyone
      enduring that hardship will be able to find peace soon.

      Ahh, your experience with your male friend sounds super fun and amazing as well! What did you think of Guardians of the Galaxy!? (Good movie right!? ^^ I am Groot!!)
      Ooo BMW -jealous-, honestly, your life sounds so action packed that you could possibly write a book about it or make it into a movie. He sounds very sweet and I hope
      you two will be able to reunite in the future =).

      It sounds to me that your move to Germany was absolutely life changing~ I'm sure you'll be able to keep in contact with all of them and hopefully meet them all again ^^.
    5. Switchgirl
      Sorry I couldn't reply to this sooner! You don't have to apologize!! :) I've been wondering what's been going on with you and why I haven't seen you around here.

      Wow, I've gotta say that a lot has happened for you in these last two months! Clare should join the forums as well (: From what you've described, both Clare and
      Katrin sound like lovely and sweet girls ^__^. It's like we've always said to each other before.. Perhaps that meeting was destiny. It's pretty bizarre and amazing how
      much Katrin resembles (both physically and characteristically) Clare. Awwwe it sounds like you had a really good time ^__^ I'm happy for you girl~ Some day you need
      to take me to Europe too =)

      LOL @ the going into the wrong car part!! Does Katrin happen to have bad eyesight!? I do that a lot myself and it's because I'm blind as a bat xD. So cute!! lol. I wonder
      what the dudes thought. They were probably like: "Hey sexy ladies where are you going!?" LOL JK XD

      How is your thumb BTW!? I hope it's better by now~ I remember you telling me how you injured it before >___<"". Your whole experience sounds exhilarating, and I'm
      glad because of it you were able to reconnect with Clare again ^__^. Y'all should come here sometime so we can spy @ the guys at bioware like we mentioned before hehe ;).
    6. Switchgirl

      -HUGGGGSSSSSS- *Cry* I've missed you so so so sooo much
    7. Switchgirl
      Hellooo I miss seeing you around on the forum :m079:
    8. flower
      Hello Keirouen :m057: I haven't forgotten the pm what you sent :m145: just came back from holidays ^_^ Answering soon :)
    9. CodyV
    10. Switchgirl
    11. Switchgirl
      My dear Keirouen....

      Let me apologize for this outrageously late reply gah.... U kno me I'm like the worst with replying~ :'( Just know you've been on my mind lots <3

      Omg ahh that's so awesome you're in Germany though.. I'd do anything to get out of Canada man~ Lol omg yes for the voice acting, I do the voice for the annoying "innocent" girl and you be the sexy bombshell.. We'd make the best duo ;)

      I could really use a friend like you over here~ We'd be play RGPs together, watch Lost Girl, and stalk the employees of Bioware together *muahaha* Omg you work on medical equipment.. Girl look at you, so advanced and hard working for our age~ LOL. What do you do exactly with the medical equipment!? Repairs? & dude that sucks that you're the only girl.. You always at least need that on person at work who's the same gender as you (LOL ok not always but whateva).

      Girl I have the best cure for you regarding your insomnia~ .. All you've gotta do is shut your laptop and hide in a dark room LOLOL JK~~ (This worked for me though xD). But seriously, if you find that nothing helps I suggest you see a doctor >__< I'm worried for you.

      Omg front row is the worst... But at least you managed to get a seat =D Is your neck feeling better now?^^ How have u been geez omg.. Still feel like I'm the worst replier ever~ T___T
    12. Switchgirl
      I've been pretty good! Just still struggling with the usual depression/anxiety.. My boyfriend and I made a curry that supposedly helps with depression/anxiety.. But I can't say it helped too much!? Otherwise, everything's pretty much the same old, same old.. & oh yeah I hate my job LOL (frick I don't wanna be negative about it though >.<).

      Haha, what is the Canadian slang that you speak of, eh!? (JK us Canadians don't really EH that much). I read an article yesterday saying that Bo doesn't appear in the first few episodes of the 4th season (I'm still on season 1 so it may make more sense to you!).

      Nope I haven't seen or heard of that show >__<, but I will also check that out! Thanks for all these awesome recommendations man~
    13. Switchgirl
      It definitely isn't, but it has it's good points! I really love living here when it's spring/summer/fall, but once the ~5-6 month long winter comes.. Oh lawddd. LOL!
      If you ever choose to move here to fulfill your dream at least you know you've got a friend here waiting for you ^__^. (That's IF I don't leave though!). But either way I'd love to show you around! Oh wow, I can imagine! Germany and Texas seem to be quite the polar opposites XD! If you don't mind me asking, are you in Germany for school?

      You're in the medical field!? What are you doing, girl!? This is so crazy and awesome! Either way, I know you've got it in you to become whatever you like! You're a talented, creative and sweet girl, I'm sure Bioware would love to have you :)

      Oh girrrl, I'm into mostly RPG (The legend of Zelda), Final Fantasy, etc.. I also love action games like Street Fighter, and the usual nintendo games.. LOL. I've recently pruchased a steamy and interesting game called "Catherine" and I'm really digging it~ Have you heard of it?

      Ahh, I know what you mean. Don't worry though! We're so young, you and I! There's still plenty of time to turn things around and let them happen as you want them to~ Haha omg this sounds terrible but I would love to get paid for sleeping and testing out mattress or something. Uhh, dream occupation right dere! :D Lol fuck work~ Maybe I hate it though 'cause I hate what I do. (Strong words, I know!)

      How was transformers!? Omg, did you hurt yourself? :O I hope you're alright! That's so true, we never fully appreciate the awesome things we've got until they've been taken away from us >_<. & about the girl! Maybe you can try talking it out with her to make sure things are alright!? Sorry I don't know too much info, but if it bothers you then I'd say it wouldn't hurt in trying to make things better. Life's too short to leave things on a bad note, we need more love :3
    14. Switchgirl
      Omg Lost Girl is fricken amazeballs! Why haven't I heard of this show before!? Gahhhh~
    15. Switchgirl
      Haha, yes! But honestly my city is so boring.. I don't think it's worth the money to come visit xD. I think you'll be able to tour Bioware's studio if you manage to visit though :D Considering the info on their side.. It does sound damn nice to work there! But who knows :P

      Hmmm.. Yeah idk I feel as if I'm in the middle. Some days, I really need to go out and socialize and have some fun, and other days I just want to be all alone while I play my games. So it's hard for me to determine which one is my true preference O_O. Yeah there's so many other factors to it.. Such as health! Sometimes in the morning I am just sooo sleepy and I don't feel like doing anything/or talking to anyone because of the fatigue. So I can't tell if that's introversion or just fatigue itself. v_v, talking to people doesn't tire me out though, only if they are negative/difficult humans. LOL :P

      How have ya been btw? :)
    16. Switchgirl
      You should come by and visit some time! That's such a crazy coincidence xDD! My boyfriend lives near it! I'll get him to be your personal spy :D !! Yeah, at my polytechnic you'll find a lot of people in computer design, and I'm like yeah they sooo wanna work for bioware xD!

      For some reason I've heard that working there isn't that great, though! :OO it was through my sister's friend who worked there. D:

      I just had an Epiphany.. What if all this time I've been mistaking my chronic fatigue/laziness as introversion :OO
    17. Switchgirl
      Haha yup Edmonton that's where I'm from yo~~ (will reply more soon cause I'm being a bad girl at work :D)
    18. Switchgirl
      Ooo! There's a Bioware studio in my city!!~ I remember in the past I was like yeahhh I'm so totally gonna work there xD.

      That's awesome! It's as if you're the natural ENFP magnet ^__^ I understand what you mean, though! And that's so true.. I'm pretty sure the mbti test we did (which cost $40 dollas BTW) wasn't even that accurate xD. You're so right.. Everyone irl says to me "you're definitely an extrovert!" But I need my alone time too. I had my bf read descriptions of INFJ, INFP, and ENFP, and he told me that he strongly believes I'm an ENFP. But yeh idk~
    19. Switchgirl
      LOL wait did I do that math wrong?? My birfday is on December 20th :D Haha I think I relate to most of it! I haven't looked at my horoscope for a while now :O. How about you?
    20. Switchgirl
      Haha, okay I'll tell you when I watch it =) Really!? Oh man.. It's so hard to tell. ENFP was actually probably one of the LAST types I'd consider for myself in the past.. In one of my classes in my business program, we did the MBTI test and I was paired with a few ENFPs. Perhaps they possibly could have been mistyped? (I got INFJ). One of them didn't even contribute to the group work at all.. xD & did things so last minute it droves me nuts. Not saying that this applies to all.. It's just my experience :D

      I'm thinking maybe INFP? But I took the socionics test and got INFJ (Fe) two times XD. Oh lawdd. I get an ENFP vibe from you tho~
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