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  1. A

    Advice Needed: Emotional Connection with INTJs

    I am an INTJ female dating an INFJ male. Within a very short period of time, we fell deeply in love with one another. I really want our relationship to be the very best it can be and so here I am doing a bit of research into his personality type. For those of you who have dated INTJs, what...
  2. A

    [INFJ] Help: my friend an infj is pulling all the curtain "silently withdrawn" on me.

    I have an infj friend who becomes detached, withdrawn, and is closing all the curtain on me. We are not particularly close but we have known each other for a long time. I care about him deeply. I said something wrong to him. At that time I didn't know. I thought the wrong thing so said the wrong...
  3. LadyLeila

    [INFJ] INFJ men in relationships (I am a straight female INFJ)

    Hello everyone! I am curious to gather some information about dating an INFJ man. My significant other (SO) and I have been together for 6 months now. Things have been going very well, but he is still a puzzle to me! As an INFJ lady, this is something new. Generally, I can figure someone out in...