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  1. psychcasserole

    [INFJ] INFJs are freaking attractive

    Hello INFJs, I hope you enjoy this video about how great I think you are.
  2. K

    ENTP/INTP falls hard for INFJ ends up with loads of drama

    Hey guys, I am in dire need of advise here. So, I am an INTP/ENTP and I started talking to this INFJ about 9 months ago. We were nothing more than friends and it was nice to have someone to chat with every once in a while. Time passed and I noticed that she was trying to get me to open up and...
  3. Akanksha

    [INFJ] Over thinking maybe but...

    Sometimes I just start feeling sad or negative whenever some get-together or celebrations are happening and end up alone in my room while others are enjoying. My mom says I used to do this when I was small too. Even without any reason why do behave like this... Is it just me? Or someone else too...
  4. M

    Enneagram type confusion

    I became fascinated with the enneagram when I was in my mid 20's, but set it aside for many years because nothing seemed to fit. I seemed to be a weird mix of several types, yet none of them fit in any meaningful way. I have a fear of being clueless. Of having no self awareness. Of being the...