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[INFJ] Over thinking maybe but...


Jan 27, 2019
Sometimes I just start feeling sad or negative whenever some get-together or celebrations are happening and end up alone in my room while others are enjoying. My mom says I used to do this when I was small too. Even without any reason why do behave like this... Is it just me? Or someone else too feel like they don't belong there.
Too much stimuli. I had that on occasion when I was young too. My godmother brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my first communion. Love her immensely, but I ran and hid, would not come out until everyone left. I had not a clue why I did it at the time. My mom told me I was embarrassed, but that wasn't the case. It had more to do with the noise and energy (she's a very loud Italian if that helps)
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There could be a number of reasons you do this. Too much stimuli as Moonflier said, or maybe you're reading the underlying energy people have (and they don't seem genuine, and seen critical instead), or maybe you're agoraphobic. Maybe you're just shy.

Kids can be this way, especially sensitive ones and shy ones.

Honestly, if your default setting is to be sad and hide during celebrations and gathering you should talk to a professional so you can overcome this. I hope you do overcome it.
We all feel like we don't belong sometimes, in some circumstances.
It's a problem if it is happening with regularity and potentially causes some debilitating feelings, preventing you from growing/improving/continuing.
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