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  1. sapphiresky

    [INFJ] Should I cut this people off? Are they using us?

    Some people might judge and think that I am psychoanalyzing the crap out of these people, but some people might understand. Writing helps me find closure. Ok, so my husband has these "friends" that he met at his previous church. I met them in 2016 at our wedding. My husband thought it was a...
  2. OliOliOxenFree

    What struggles do you face when trying to get to know someone?

    Hey Guys! Was curious as to what kind of challenges you all go through in your struggle to find a relationship or even just friends? This can be anything small or big. For me, its the fact that I absolutely detest small talk and try to do my best to connect with an individual on a personal...
  3. oswin

    [INFJ] Morals ruining friendships?

    So i definitely would say i have very strong morals, and sometimes my friends will do something that i consider completely morally unacceptable and i try and get over it but it ends up almost getting in the way? and then sooner or later the friendship is just me trying extremely hard to keep it...