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  1. Asa

    Forum Road Trip!

    Who are you with (forum members only)? Where are you going? What kind of car (or vehicle) are you in? What's on the stereo?
  2. InTRovErT34

    Collective thought's poetry..

    Hello my thoughts for this thread is a group exercise in forming poetry from the collective (participants) A collaboration of all our minds . So what I was thinking is that anyone can start a line of poetry, of there topic. Write 1to 2 lines stop.. and let the other participants take off from...
  3. InTRovErT34

    3truths 1lie

    Hello I'm doing this thread to see the ability to tell truth from lie in writing form. There are different techniques the human can figure out deception/truth. Some of us have a natural intuitive gift while engaged with another, body language ,expression etc.not to get to in depth .As for...
  4. Reason

    INFJ Forum Soundtrack

    If the forum is made into a video game, it's gonna need a soundtrack for all the in-game areas featuring us, the game's characters. Post a track to correspond with these in game areas. I suggest trying to stick with instrumentals (no or few lyrics) but anything that captures the ambiance well...