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  1. D

    IDR Labs Presents the Difficult Person Test

    To take the test, follow this link. My result, to get this thread started: You are a very easy person to get along with (14.29%). Callousness is characterized by lacking empathy or concern for others. People high in callousness typically have deficits in genuine social sentiments and are...
  2. 2

    Empathy: a superpower

    Anyone uses their empathy to get other people's perspective on things? I do, and it's very enlightening. Like I put myself in a shoes of a man who catcalls someone and they do that because they have the "power" to do so. I like doing this but I don't often do it. Anyone?
  3. D

    INFJ: Emotions and defence mechanisms and

    Hello everyone! I have always been confused about my emotions, which could be very cold when they shouldn't be, to the point I almost believed I am apathetic. I have realized recently, however, that I haven't been always this way (actually I was quite the contrary), and developed the theory...
  4. Irish

    Why do you run out of empathy?

    I have always been empathetic, emotional, living out others feelings. Recently I flipped the switch and decided to see mentally how to turn it completely off. As it turns out it is possible to sway the other extreme and actually smile at the degradation of others as an INFJ. It's mad and it...
  5. acd

    How do you experience empathy?

    We know that empathetic people put themselves in other people's shoes and experience what they are going through, but what does that feel like to you? How do you experience it? Do you ever have moments of uncontrolled empathy? Does it ever confuse you? Do you have trouble differentiating...
  6. fourfour

    [INFJ] Video: Being an "emotional sponge" vs. empathy, PTSD, INFJs, etc.

    I'm a bit new here after lurking and learning for a long time. Thought I would share this video that was passed along to me re: what it's like to be "an emotional sponge": https://youtu.be/NrqQNK_b1_g Also talks about how it can be slightly different from actual "empathy" and maybe it can...