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  1. MJ24

    [INFJ] Life after life

    Last week I unexpectedly lost my grandfather. It made me think a lot about death at all and on various levels. What did you feel when you lost someone? How do you interpret death - as a process or short moment, in a biological or more spiritual, religious way? When you think about dead person...
  2. Asa

    Your Time Is Up. (Confirming Your Death Date.)

    This topic really upsets me, but I keep falling into conversations where this is discussed. Some people view the possibility of knowing one's death date as positive, and others are repulsed by it. A recent medical research team claims that it found 14 biomarkers that can accurately predict...
  3. Scientia

    Should you be dead?

    This sounds weird, I know. I met with an old friend recently and we laughed about the crazy things that happened and I looked back on my life and I realized that it is by some miracle that I am alive today. I should have died at least four times by now,no exaggeration. I think I have some...