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  1. S

    INFJ & INFP, are they compatible?

    Do you think an INFJ & an INFP would make a good couple? Why or why not?
  2. Breathlessangel

    No Boyfriend Since Birth!!

    Hello Everyone! :) I'm new here and just recently found out about this MBTI thingie and it really makes sense. It helped me a lot understanding where I'm coming from or why I behave this certain way or why ever since I feel so different and weird. Enough about that :) , the things I would like...
  3. QuietlyBrilliant

    How Many Dates Until You've Officially 'Dated' Someone?

    Hi, This thread may seem somewhat superficial in comparison to the others on here, but it's just a small query of mine. I'm currently in University and was just wondering how many dates do you need to have with a person until you've officially 'dated' them. I'm asking because I met this...