1. Ginny

    What's your guilty pleasure movie?

    As the title says. They can be the silliest, dumbest, most annoying and shameful to admit. What are yours? No judging other's likes here, please. I'll start with Clueless. The protagonist is completely superficial and as unintelligent as Beverly Hills teenagers were reputed to be in the...
  2. Night Owl

    INFJ's and French Films

    I really love French films. Based on the temperaments, the French have often been labeled as having 'a melancholic soul'. To correlate, the INFJ is dominantly a melancholic (secondarily phlegmatic, but that's another topic). A quality indicative of many of their films is a depth and real...
  3. AhSver

    Skandinavian Films

    Hello Everyone. May I ask for some suggestions? I really like films from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, etc. I like good (intelligent) comedies and drama, as well as an occasional thriller. But I will watch any good film if acting/story is good and it has some purpose/meaning...