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  1. josevi

    [INFJ] Trying to understand an INFJ post-breakup

    SORRY FOR THE LONG TEXT, BUT I HAD TO GIVE YOU AS MANY DETAILS AS I COULD! Hello, it has been around 2 weeks since me (ENTJ 23M) and my ex (INFJ 19F) broke up. She was the one who decided breakup. Basically the reason was that we started to detach from each other. At the beginning of February...
  2. Cassanova Frankenstein

    Can I Ever Let Someone Back In To My Heart?

    Hello there, I new here. In my introduction, I promised my tale of heartbreak. Well, my 6 and half year relationship ended about 2 months ago, and pretty abruptly. I was living with this girl. She was my best friend. She was the one I thought I was going to marry and have a family with, but...
  3. INFJ_katy

    Too Nice?

    Has anyone ever wanted to break up with a significant other, but you're just too nice to do it? You put their happiness before yours, and you just carry this burden around with you because you'd rather feel uneasy than disrupt their lives? I've honestly been going through this kind of situation...