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  1. sapphiresky

    [INFJ] I don't want people to vacation in my house anymore

    I identify as an INFJ. I am a very private person who enjoys having my own space and living in Florida doesn't help with that situation since our family/friends live very far away. Many of them feel entitled to stay in our homes every year. Years ago I was sort of ok with that since I was a...
  2. NYLilac

    Unwanted attention directed at your partner:n what would you do?

    I am an INFP married to my dual, an ESTJ. How would you cope if another woman (or, if you're male, another man) kept chasing after your spouse/partner although he/she firmly told the would-be interloper to knock it off in unmistakable terms? Give type, please. My husband and I have such an issue...