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  1. aeon

    Quotes that Speak to Type or Function

    I was watching a bicycling video where a young woman named Kelsey Leigh—a bicycle courier in NYC—stopped and went into a little monologue. Her words and body language really captured my attention because I totally understood certain parts of it, whereas other parts seemed somewhat alien. But...
  2. Chackabuu

    Common physical characteristics of INFJs

    This is kind of a spin off thread, as it was inspired by @ThinkingHippie's post about body language. Are there any physical traits/attributes/characteristics that seem to be common among INFJs? I've seen things such as being left handed or ambidextrous being more common. Also have seen...
  3. Gaze

    Bodily changes as you get older

    Have you experienced expected or unexpected changes to your body or how you feel as you get older? Any surprises or unusual changes? Did it affect you or did you make any changes to your life as a result? Changes can be slight or huge. This is not restricted to a particular age. Anyone can...