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  • Haha, I see you still have my quote about our nation's #1 killer in your siggy. d; How have you been?
    Ah, another ex-intpc'er. I was a regular there for awhile since the beginning but many of my favorite posters were replaced by the more obnoxious ones. Anyways, thanks for the rep, it felt great.
    I have decided that I don't like INTPc. I might still visit occasionally, but there is a very good reason that my post count is still under 6 even though I joined in February of 2009. I know no one cares, but still....
    thx for the rep & the comment :) I was a little nervous, but im hoping being more open & honest with and about myself here will help me to open up more to the people in my life. I'm a "bottler" lol
    Where u at Waterbaby! My avatar is wondering about her better half. haha!
    O! And the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.. How could I neglect to mention them!?
    Yeah, I absolutely love Rasputina.. And Dresden Dolls.. Ya got me there. I love a myriad-myriad of music, though. I see you're a Megadeth fan. Right on. Right now, I'm listening to a lot of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Can... and also Fela Kuti. He's my fave. You should look up Fela Kuti. For starters, I recommend 'Water Get No Enemy.'
    Maybe. Who're yerr faves??
    I like some pretty lame shit, though. Mannheim Steamroller being one example. Do you love Mannheim Steamroller as well?! Let's talk music!
    If I were god, I'd be egging on both sides as well.
    Haha! Cute video. That reminds me.. Last summer Johnny Depp filmed whatever the hell that Dillinger movie was in my town. I couldn't have cared less, of course. But anytime I have the chance I love to tell the story of my friend Ashley who went and saw them film, and then threw up on herself when Johnny Depp went to shake her hand. Whether you know her or not, the story must be told.
    Threatened as in: "Damnit, I'm the only ridiculous hat wearing chainsmoking partyer in these parts!" No. I think they've each found a kindred in the other.
    They're actuallystaring at eachother from across the crowded party right now.
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