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    Good bye Shai Gar

    Shai Gar, I don't think that you and I have ever actually interacted, but I have always enjoyed your posts. I'll miss you here. That said, my opinion of the whole situation is posted on my own page, as there was really nowhere else for it go. Things should never have gotten this far, and to...
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    Best Suited type for your mate?

    ENTP - The Inventor You scored 75 I versus E, 0 N versus S, 60 F versus T, and 40 J versus P! Your ideal mate is known as the inventor. This type is a flirtateous and energetic romantic partner, fun and engaging, always looking for something unusual to try. In their enthusiasm, they may make...
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    ^^ This. Someone close to me frequently tells me I'm "too intense" and it drives her nuts. She doesn't seem to possess the same level of passion for her interests...
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    Post your Enneagram

    Me too. You are most likely a type 1 (the Reformer) with 2 wing Self-preservation variant Type 1 SP Type 2 SP Type 4 SX Type 6 SP Type 3 SP Type 9 SX Type 5 SO Type 7 SO Type 8 SX A few months ago it was 4w5. Who knows...
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    INFJs and money

    I like to think I must be doing something right, because my daughter and I have everything we need and even some things that we want despite the many things that could prevent that... That said, I think my account has been overdrawn more times this year than there are days in this month. I like...
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    A true friend

    I hate my keyboard. I had a nice, long, thoughtful response & was almost finished with it when I repositioned my hands & hit some mysterious button that caused my browser window to go back a page, deleting my response. I will probably try again, but first I'm going to figure out how to disable...
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    U.S. drivers license

    That's what they do here in Washington, but every five years now. It still costs 20-something dollars, and takes ALL DAY to get through the line.
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    It was definitely well deserved... Most of the other posts (mine included) really had nothing...

    It was definitely well deserved... Most of the other posts (mine included) really had nothing to do with the op... Yours was right on point. I had an account at intpc for a while, but never seemed to find a conversation I wanted to join. I like your about me. That's funny. :)
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    Who you want to be versus who you are.

    Posting because I'm a little surprised by what I got from this one... ideal you |||||| real you |||||| Introversion |||||| 26% ||||||||||||||||...
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    Relationships & Intelligence

    I can't either. For me it is manifested in constant nit-picking of issues, constantly trying to refine every brick that makes up the foundation, not looking for problems, just constantly looking for problems to be "more" solved. Basically, I get accused of :deadhorse: God forbid any aspect of...
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    Closing Arguments

    I don't think there is a rational argument to be made... If rationality was at work here, same-sex marriage would already be legally recognized. I think the only reason the issue is an issue is because a lot of people have very strong ideas about what people "should" or "shouldn't" do when it...
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    Edited because I clearly hadn't read what I quoted well enough... lol oops. I almost don't even notice what other people look like until their personalities catch my eye. It's actions that attract me, and hold my attention. The way someone makes me feel is huge... that is partly pure physical...
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    I can completely understand where you're coming from. You have to be attracted to the person to really be with them. I don't think anyone really wants to be with someone who doesn't find them attractive. My perspective is a bit different, but I realize I'm a weird one in that respect...
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    [PAX] Self Avatars

    The concept does have a disconcerting feel, doesn't it? Sometimes I do use an actual picture of myself, but it always feels kinda weird, at least at first.
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    [PAX] Self Avatars

    Do poisonous things taste bad, too?