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  • :m139:

    Hellos, been awhile, hope you've been doing well =]

    Nothing too exciting, just finishing up some homework/foruming before gymming. How about you?
    So. True.:) That, and my coworkers are AWESOME.:)
    ... It's still pretty exhausting...
    no matter how awesome.. or how much I love my career.. >_<
    Sleep. Sleep is good. So are lazy days.:)
    :hug: No, I am quite hormonal. While I'm more grounded in some areas, you're probably much more grounded in others. Thank you though. ^_^
    There's a style of doing research where you write stories based on your results. It's done through "qualitative" work, where you use interviews, historical data, focus groups, case studies, etc. to collect your data...then you create a story to display your research results. It's using a narrative perspective and is very common in a lot of constructivist and critical research. Social work has been a particular discipline that has used this, as they are often giving a voice to the disempowered, and telling their story of an experience/situation through their findings. This may be of interest to you, as it blends creativity and applied research!

    I'm doing my PhD in environmental health studies (the degree is an interdisciplinary degree, but I am combining environmental studies, health promotion, psychology, education, and urban design to make my program of research). I'm looking at the use of nature of in learning environments, and understanding if it can improve facets of health as well as learning outcomes.
    Nice! What are you thinking you'd pursue for graduate studies?
    Grad school isn't harder than undergrad, it's just very different. In fact, I would say sometimes I look back and think undergrad was harder- at least for me...there was so much memorization, which I'm not good at. Grad school has a lot more work, but also more flexibility!
    You are back! I thought you were gone forever. How goes? Still trying to figure out your type?
    yeah I realized later that you were guys were trying to break the thumbs down record in that thread :D
    If you're talking about the deleted visitor message, I was just asking about the thumbs down for posting in your typing thread. I realized it wasn't that big a deal, so I decided to let it go.
    emo? no.

    I did use to be different than I am now though. In a simpler way than you may be thinking. Not sure which one is better. If you want to continue this conversation, feel free to do so in PM.
    D'awww, I appreciate the thought =) Flights are terribly expensive things in general and there are many more useful ways to spend one's money.
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