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  • Ah.

    You have most definately earned Melkor's friendship.

    Or at the very least his eternal hatred.:>

    You see my dear, I always win.

    This is a proud day for Melkor!

    *Falls off chair*
    Very well!

    *Rolls up shirt sleeves*

    You asked for it!

    *Climbs onto your knee, removes shoes, snuggles head under your neck and tugs on your sleeve*

    You wouldn't want to make Melly scawed would you?:<

    Melly is good, pwomise.
    I don't know.
    I'm not really feeling much right now other than tired.
    I need to start managing my time better and get more sleep.
    Actually stay in bed late for once.

    How is everything going with you??
    I hope well! :)
    I actually stood up for myself for once, on here, no less. I got a formal warning for it, but I'm quite excited to be honest. I feel good for getting to someone, as horrible as that is. I've been very angry lately and I'm tired of being treated like shit.
    Nope that's not my cat, just some random very funny Siamese that I found surfing the net.

    My sister is a law student, and I had Latin in school, so I relatively early made the connection to your screen name.

    really..... i know you won't admit it hehe it's rude considering the very proper and nice "letter/message" you gave me. but really you don't have to waste your time giving me a message i don't think i deserve it.

    thanks for being uber kind like a billion trillion times kind as many as avogardo's number times kind :)
    no really just no

    you don't really know me... i'm just really !?!?!?!

    thanks anyways like a lot :)
    no don't be sorry i'm a bitch i disrespect my parents.. and other people.. i disrespected GOD

    i'm stupid and everything

    so yeah don't be
    I have slit my veins and I bleed glitter, tiny particles sticking to my flesh, clotting closed my eyelids.
    Haha, no problem, just was thinking why in god's name this person likes secret-door-to-gore so much XD.
    Btw, #34, I've been in that store, and seen the backroom hidden by a bead curtain. Thing is, you can see right into it and its obviously storage. The writer is cool but a little too creepy.
    Yeah, Heritage park and Crowfoot public library are actual places, as is Chinatown and the Kingfisher. I don't know about a cybercafe being in ther though. There's too much for me to read now, but its super creepy, yeah. Whats the point of this writing, btw?
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