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  • I had learned something (the most important lesson for my life) through reading an autobiographical book last night! ... <<the dream>> - written by Gurbaksh Chahal.

    And it is: "REALLY I need to start of doing the things which I desired to do the most, and stop doing the worthless; By doing on the worthless things, I had spent/wasted too much of my time & energy!"

    I tell it to you as a lesson of mine - which I had just learnt last night - because I think some people out there might be in the same situation as I was in, right now ~ "A lack of drives for the purposes - in real life".
    * If you can make everyone IN YOUR LIFE feel happy, and you're happy too, _ then, you're doing very great!! ^_^
    great ideas Roger! i agree we can learn a lot from the natural world, and following our emotions (within reason) is probably a good idea =)
    ** If you DO have like, 7 to 8 Virtues (the positive traits) in you, _ then, you can tell yourself: "I can totally trust with all the emotions that I have in my daily life, and DO the things that I think is right to do!!"


    *** LEARN GOOD THINGS FROM THE NATURAL WORLD - (our physical world) !! :m032:

    - Step 1. Close your eyes, and RELAX your Whole Body and the Mind.
    - Step 2. . . You Think of really NOTHING for quite a long period of time;
    THEN, You start to ASK Yourself Some Very-Nice-QUESTIONS (in your mind);
    THEN, You're going to FIND Out the right ANSWER to those Particular Questions!!
    - Step 2''. . . You 'FIND' and 'SEE' "PICTURES" ==> Right In Front Of Your Minds' Eyes;
    THEN, SPEAK It Out Loud In Your Mind, With those "Pictures" you see!!
    I am doing very well thank you, just enjoying the night and listening to music. How about yourself :)
    I may give it a whirl when I lay myself down to slumber later this evening.
    ** There's always a better-something for you to aim on, and to get!!
    ** "Have Got To Look At The VERY Whole-Big-PICTURE, Carefully!!" - for OVER 20 some times, ~ in each day!!
    *** "'COME CLOSE' TO Someone, Something, or Some Place"! - [the thing is "TO LEARN" and "TO EXPERIENCE"...]
    *** Don't waste your time to see IF the other people will give you the same credit you have wanted or truely deserve || ** You've got to give yourself the credit that You DESERVE, TRUELY and INDEPENDENTLY!
    ****[OnLy DO those Things which you know that they are VERY IMPORTANT for you (or to your life), with the Crystal-Clear goals!!] ==> This is something that you can count for, and REALLY 'Act Upon'!!
    *** "Keep yourself of being happy for all the time, _ Especially when you're doing some 'good' challenges to yourself!!" - Actually, it is the best way to have a weak minded person (like myself) to be really turned into be a strong minded person, ___ "Happiness" With "Challenges"!!
    ** A WHOLE DAY in that Future** --- **Be Right There!!** --- **Empathy, Sympathy**
    **"Let yourself go inside to Your BRAIN!!" ~ Find That "Peace" and "Power"!!** -- **Brainwaves**
    **"Simplicity", "Clarity" & "Certainty" are the BEST THINGS Of the mind!!** -- **DETAILS**
    ***"SPEAK Really A LOT ( WITH A VOICE ) In The Front Part Of Your Brain!"** -- **SPIRIT-WALK**
    ***"Firstly, Listen to HER VOICE, - then, SEEING HER VIVIDLY!!'"** -- ** "She and me, Always Be TOGETHER!" **
    ***Bless: "Watch to the most joyful ways of LIFE In The FUTURE!" * (We will 'SEE' what we'll do BETTER in that future!)**
    Roger thankyou for your sweet words and your pm, I will think about what you've said and reply after a little while <3
    lol i'm lazy too, i completely understand xD thankyou for those words <3 i will keep them in mind when next i'm having troubles, they'll probably get me through them :)
    Aww thankyou, that's very sweet of you to say! i'm just being myself, nothing more or less ;) and don't worry about not being here much, i understand, real life takes priority! i hope you can squeeze in time to be here more often though, your posts are so optimistic :)
    Roger~! where have you been? Not posting as much these days? I miss your theories on life! hope you are doing well dear :hug: I am very happy myself, thankyou for asking ^^
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