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Oct 12, 1986 (Age: 36)
1. Leave China, and go to the USA!2. Get Marri

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Feb 10, 2011
    1. RoSe41
      If you want to Meditate or Visualize things well, just try to focus "speak silently in your mind" - in the front part of your brain, it works for me, it's the best way for you to meditate, too!! And also, if you want to visualize things, then please do more of that meditating, in the end, you'll find you can do the very best of visualizing stuff.
    2. Bird
      I don't need the xanax.

      You're right.

    3. Bird

      Oh Roger, I am doing just dandy!

      I hope you yourself are doing well!
      Please stay safe ~^__^~
    4. RoSe41
      I think sometimes being "flexible" is so wrong, - but, we need to "regulate" our behavior and find the rightful principles for life, and plus, DO Perfect!!
    5. RoSe41
      1. I think we need to think more often, and think more PASSIONATELY!!
      *We could even keep on thinking with a "NONSTOP" manner, with all the passions and joy!! _ I think it's very helpful and AMAZING for any of us to do it.
      2. Think more of "the different things"!!
      *(1) "Think of those things in our NATURE!!" ==> Things like: Some Random Plants, the GRASS; Animals; the Ocean; different Weather; the Outer Space, ... etc.
      *(2) "Think of those things in our imaginations!" ==> Anything/Everything that is GOOD & HELPFUL for us!
      3. Think of more in several different views! - (Think Differently!)
      *Briefly of speaking, sometimes we think about a certain thing in a lot of different perspectives.. and we know the result of doing this sometimes come to be there are a lot of benefits from doing so, and sometimes, you can get a lot of better, new understandings as well, rather than if you did not having looked at them in this way!!
    6. RoSe41
      **Always GIVE the TIME to learning, to understanding, etc (something that is worthy)**
      **30 minutes a day of doing Positive Thinking! (with 'learnings')** --- **Physical Exercises, as well.**
      ***Peace & Hope; Care & Courage; Your Own POWER & LOGIC; Think more of (a) 'different-something'**
      **"Courage", "Principles" & "Harmony"** --- **Time! - Time! - Time!** --- **American Life & NFL**
    7. Bird
    8. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      Glad you like it. I must have read those a hundred times. Ha. The brainwave one is interesting. It mentions alpha waves like the silva system. I have some cd's at home which induce each of the brain waves. The alpha one is really relaxing to listen to.
    9. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      I think it's great that you are so determined to make this work for you. If you are looking for a philosophy to help move your life in the right direction I'd like to recommend NLP. It has changed my life considerably and can help you to look at life as one big learning curve. If your goal is constant improvement and development then you cannot fail as you will be constantly achieveing your goal. Even when things don't go to plan, you are still achieving your goal because you can learn from every mistake. This is summed up in the presupposition "There is no failure, only feedback".

      Take a loof at these. They are the presuppositions of NLP and the five steps to success. They have changed my life considerably

      And the links on this page are a summary of most other areas of NLP in case you're interested

      Good luck
    10. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      Just got lesson 2. Will listen to it tonight. Lesson 1 seemed like one long advert for the paid course. Not that I'm surprised. I suppose the free course is all about wetting our appetite for the paid one.
    11. TinyBubbles
      Heh well the Silva life method sounds interesting enough, but at this point in my life I'm sure I do not need it ;) Thanks kindly for the information though.
    12. Bird
      I read it in your information.

      I wanted to think you for sharing it with me.
    13. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      Thanks for this. I have signed up to the free training programme. If it's any good I may do the full thing. Let me know how you get on with it. Thanks again
    14. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      Hi Roger nice to hear from you again. You didn't tell me which website. Do you have a link?
    15. Bird
      this spoke to me:

      "Life is "No-lose" / "No-win"; Just take the good care of ourselves, follow our own hearts. And live with principles!!!!! :D"
    16. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      Hi roger. I think it's great that you are building your faith. I'm not a religious person at all though so I'm afraid i don't have a great deal to say on this matter.
      What did you think of the attachment i posted for you? Have you been using it?
    17. TinyBubbles
      Haha, it's good advice Roger thankyou! We should indeed build our faith to be as enormous as it can get =)
    18. RoSe41
      I actually love every friend of mine, here!!! But I really feel not happy with my real life, right now. And which, made me look much more like a loser to you guys now, ... I'm so sorry.......
    19. Bird
      I just didn't want you to think I was avoiding you (:
    20. Bird
      Thank you Roger!

      And anytime (:

      I don't have msn, unfortunately ):
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    Oct 12, 1986 (Age: 36)
    1. Leave China, and go to the USA!2. Get Marri
    I'm a high school graduate, but I believed that I was the best student amongst the others...
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    6. Eat Delicious Food
    5. Surf on the Internet
    4. Learning English
    3. Imagining of my own future
    2. Sleeping
    1. Thinking
    What would be your epitaph?:
    Life is "No-lose" / "No-win"; Just take the good care of ourselves, follow our own hearts. And live with principles!!!!! :D
    I am a - INTP, I'm from China. But I hate China very much. - I think I hate this country, and I hate the countrymen as well...

    Play Games, Watch Movies, and Read Good Books.


    1. => Lie down; Close your eyes, and Relax your whole body and the mind For A Long While, then, try to "stay there" and "don't move even a muscle".
    2. => (MEANWHILE) ==> "Easily 'SPEAK' A LOT (WITH A VOICE) In The Front Part Of Your Brain!"; 'See', or 'Experience' those Scenes, Activities - Very Vividly - 'JUST IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES'!!