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  • I understand but it is the rubbing in a sexual way part of your answer that I find hard to believe. I can agree that intelligence is a requirement for me as well. However, I find that most 21 yr olds aren't so picky when given the green light.
    Yes and No.

    No, because I was using it to do my pre-lab reading on carbon 13 NMR.

    Yes, because I kept reading and became fascinated by the Extraction technique presented.
    You answer your own questions. They are not looking for an unbiased answer but affirmation of their own desires/wants. There is also "logic" is terms of an emotional stance as well which is the system that many people use in their interactions. There isn't an intellectual system of "logic" at play many times. So it appears random or disorganized but it has a system/pattern that is based on the individual's emotions.
    Sorry, no tissue for your croc tears. BTW, Perhaps people listed the types in their order of preference. If you can get past what irritates you, your observations will assist you in determining motivation. People usually do things for a reason, you just have to figure out what it is. Most people don't just list things randomly, they have a pattern and it usually isn't a logical one.
    Because You aren't obsessive, you aren't obsessive, you aren't obsessive? Your post really cracked me up guy!! Such an INTJ kinda thing to say.
    Not face to face. I use a special recording.
    it's lengthy the first time you try it, but well worth it
    I have discovered Induction, which is the act of hypnotsizing someone into orgasm or being hypnotised in to orgasm.

    It's quite invigorating, and the method i am currently using, causes you to do it continuously for 5 minutes.
    That would be an interesting project.
    Perhaps even make it flexible so you can adjust each one to your liking, have them all together, or have them spread out around different parts of the body.
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