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  • Yeah, I remember you saying you hate hate hate hate esfps :eek: :p
    INTJs who don't play their INTJ character are great.
    You better have no robot mask.
    Oh... I went to the intj forum once, but I saw a page full of things about politics, got scared and left. D:

    the yo momma so sj jokes were funny on the enfp one lol
    Oh... you'll probably get better when you get older.
    I'm a professional on that. Yeah.

    Do you like the intj or enfp forum more? lol
    Haha yes, you're a better INTJ than me.
    How surprising! :eek:

    what do you mean by not being able to use your emotions?
    Not even your own type?

    I know how you feel though. I don't feel like I fit anywhere, but I'm drawn to different aspects of each type. I don't have a preferred type per se. I wonder what my type is naturally attracted to...[googles]

    besides nature, what draws you to Enfps? You like the sunshine every now and then, I assume.
    Yeah, I guess I can be ;P

    I was reading this one thread about how a study showed that apparently, blond women make more money in the workplace because they are more attractive. What made me cringe, was how hard some of the debaters tried to make a very subjective issue, completely objective. There was so much BS and ripping going on in that thread. It was simultaneously entertaining and nauseating to read. Are you a member of any other Mbti forums?
    It's certainly interesting. There are lots of interesting topics/threads to peruse. I try and stay out of any heavy debate threads though *shudders*. I definitely like here better though, but it's refreshing to go there every now and then.

    Two older guys have been hitting on me :x
    if (answer = false)
    I'm good. You?
    Congratulations on being alive.
    How can you stand being INTJ for so long? D:

    rogarn... i havent talked to u siiince like.... foreverrr!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ u remind me offf nick jonass sumtimezz<3
    i know u wuvv ESFPs, thats why iim actiin INTJ... <3 how r u? XD
    They've done some really good ones though. I think a few of them could possibly go pro, but they should stay together. the group of singing sisters.

    By the way, I joined the INTJ Forum

    Every time you derep me you take me farther
    away from reaching my goal of becoming a
    jedi knight.

    And this is not a joke.
    This is complete seriousness.
    Some would disagree with me, but that's what I see.

    Or it could be: "I am a big, strong lean machine. Mess with me and get your mind (and body) ****ed up"
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