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  • I would like to ask you something.
    I've noticed you don't come around
    often, though. If you do sometime
    will you send me a message or something?
    I don't mean to be so needy.

    If you don't want to, that's fine.
    I won't take offense.
    soft deletion means can be retrieved
    Hard deletion cleans up space on the server so we pay less. As we grow, paying less is an important consideration.
    built into the code, and you have already been spoken to about this.
    Who told you that load of nonsense? Bet they even would have said I did it to have sex with INFJ girls...
    I don't remember there being a thread for that. Has that happened?
    I believe Shai Gar is the one who's at the top of the authority structure.
    Its amazing how many people are novelists that just happen to be procrastinating. (I am one myself in fact) 19th century classics huh? That's interesting. To me they sort of lost their flavor after I was pressured to read them in school. (although I did like the Scarlet Letter for some reason) Maybe in a few years. :P I do keep up with political commentary though... that's always fun. That and popular science stuff. Other than that I stick to fiction. So what has been your favorite book or book series so far?
    Me? Oh... just planning a shenanigan with some friends. :D It will be a good one.

    I kind of like that show. There seems to be a lot of writers around here, what kind of stuff do you write? What kind of books do you like to read?
    I get good lubbins from them! I have some good friends on here. They seem to like my personality that is half the time philosophical and the other half mentally handicapped.
    Yeah I typically type as ISTJ but recently I got ISFP. I got very low scores (3 and 6% respectively on the F & P). I can relate to the F but not so much the P. Well we will see. I sometimes think I used to be ISFP but life made me switch gears .
    It was just me being observant one day and doing a search which I ended up starting a thread on the subject. Like anyone the people here are many times unthoughtful of what they say out loud (or type in a forum).
    "amusingly scandalous" ...I will take that as a compliment. So what does occupy your time most days?
    I wasn't hiding it was I? Am I really an ENTP? Or maybe I just trying extra hard to make you think I am because no one else seems to be in on the fact that I am not acting ENTPish everywhere.

    The rib thing was because I was bored. But it was funny as hell though. And I couldn't help it, the guy had just been surprised to find out that his ribs went "all the way up to his chest". What's even worse though is that this guy had a masters degree *facepalm*

    And why do I have to have some kind of dark, insidious and selfish motive for everthing I do in order to be an ENTP? You don't really beleive that do you?
    9w1. 9s are peacemakers so its a pretty interesting combo with an ENTP. It sorta makes me a stealth ENTP... that is when I don't flash my MBTI around. Another thing, I might need to sharpen my banter skills again... the people I have been around are waaay too easy. The last guy I was talking to (on facebook) was soo gullible that I had genuinely convinced him that the ribs that we eat at resteraunts were from humans sent from canadian euthenasia facilities. Then of course he had to go and tell all his friends... rofl.
    Nope, Morgain made it for me. She's been making quite a few lately. Anyway, how did I become your daddy? You are older than me. :P
    LOL; really? I apologize for asking the same question :P Well, maybe not everyone have heard of that place.. :)

    Yeah, I don't feel too comfortable myself there. I agreed with your words; sometimes even outer harmony can seem very.....important to us.
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