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  • Well. The only thing I ever really
    seem to do anymore is run or play
    soccer. Oh. I guess I also get very
    little sleep and waste way too much
    time reading useless shit on the internet.

    I don't want to go out. Just thinking about
    hanging out with people right now is making
    my skin crawl. I need some serious me time.

    Are you doing anything fun?
    Based on your musical choices I was beginning to become so paranoid that you might
    be the boy that broke my heart. Luckily you're into ice hockey and he's definitely not.
    Hehe, well if I'm Leon, you're going to be Claire--or am I just being a guy and taking that as a Resident Evil reference? ;)
    I know where it originates from, it's why I don't do it.
    Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing from what's
    there and what's not. Not in that crazy way.
    It depends on the day and the interaction.

    Yes, I have I suppose you could say.
    In my head I don't think it will hurt.
    And when I pinch my skin, it doesn't hurt.
    But I know if I were to separate flesh
    from muscle and muscle from bone it would
    hurt so terribly bad. I know. I have been told.
    I have previous experience. But I just can't
    remember the pain, I can't feel it when I
    think about it the way I can emotional pain so
    I just want to tear a little bit, just to remind
    myself. Just to be sure.
    Personal relationships with others.
    The desire to tear the skin from my body.
    Not at all, actually.
    Perhaps I would
    have had their
    been things not
    dominating my
    sensitive side.
    Thanks for the rep. I'm glad you like Philip Glass. He's simply amazing.
    I'm pretty fluid. Playing it by ear is best.
    Though if it's something I have my heart set upon...

    My parents met at a biker rally.
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