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Feb 29, 2012
    1. paradanmellow
      hai! welcome to the ENTP Hive group! it's growing every day now, good to have you as part of it; don't spread the word. stay safe, stay hidden. abrupt eruption planned; details as they come. stay tuned. EOF
    2. subwayrider
      Go right ahead; it may come in handy one day.
    3. Lerxst
      "Hey guys" "Good morning" Goodnight goodnight goodnight" and whistles "You are my Sunshine". Lots of other mumbles and peeps too but never sure what he's trying to say with those o.O
    4. Lerxst
      Pablo. He's one of the five who live with me :)
    5. subwayrider
      Is it painful for us to have the sarcastic bubble? No. It's there for protection. Is it painful knowing we can't trust people? Yes. Too many times, when I've trusted people, they have let me fall. This is pretty common, but because of our idealism, we get pretty hurt over it. We can't understand how people and the world can exist the way they do. It's the inner Ni-Se conflict, not being able to separate one from the other. Eventually, they have to reconcile with the way things actually are, and learn to be less idealistic. I think the sign of an INFJ who made it through that process OK is that he/she is working to implement his/her vision and make the world a better place, one step at a time. And that they feel it is enough to what little they can. This can take decades, though.

      Maybe INFJ "pride" to an extent. Some of us get shunned from the time we are kids, so I guess there is a sense of pride and belonging when you find that there are other people like you. It's more about comfort than feeling better than everyone, though the latter is obviously not exempt. Some people think that because we are rare, it makes us better somehow. That's all subjective. Use this information well!
    6. subwayrider
      You are very, very lucky to be dating one. Take care of her. INFJ girls... if I'm sensitive, I do wonder what they are.

      Yeah, I have this thing about forgiving people... I do the *doorslam* a lot. Shut people out of my life with no warning, or at least no blatant warning. I tend never to look back after that. I understand it's really cold, but they usually can't understand what they are doing to me. yyyepppp :m2:
    7. subwayrider
      Shut. The fuck. Up.

      EDIT: jk jk. I see what you mean, though you should be wary of putting us on a pedestal. I don't know if you've read about our alleged powers to utterly destroy a person, but it probably happens more often than you think. We're not 100% benevolent; we just tend to feel really badly about the evil things we do. That said, yes I've felt REALLY misunderstood and unable to relate for most of my life. It wasn't until I found this place, and other NFs, that I really feel I have a niche. I'm a much more healthy person as a result.

      I want you to be a womanz!!! Where do ENTPs hang out? Where can I find them?
    8. subwayrider
      OK. I need to find me some ENTP females now, because we have a lot of chemistry...
    9. subwayrider
      If one of us was a girl, we could be in love.
    10. This
      Welcome to the INFJs Forum. :wave:
    11. floatingbridge
    12. endersgone
      Glad I'm not alone, thanks for the feedback :)
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    July 31
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    A universe with enough laws to allow stable life forms to emerge, evolve and live,
    The essential survivability related items (food, drink),
    Science and society, I don't want to be a hunter gatherer,
    My computer,
    Apples (the fruit) and coffee.
    What would be your epitaph?:
    "He was not part of this world, he was just visiting."
    7w8 or 5w4, not sure