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Jan 27, 2017
    1. SarahBS
      Good to see you here ^_^ you were one of the first friends I made on the forum ^_^
      I'm doing ok I guess

      Wish you the best buddy ^_^
    2. SarahBS
      It's been 6 months O.o
    3. SarahBS
      You ok dude? it's been a while ^^
    4. SarahBS
      I wanted to visit sb's profile to talk to ,then I saw the topic below about online dating.
      It's just I feel too guilty and somehow strange having lots of virtual friends and not any real ones :|
      and then online dating is just too much for me
      Does it work anyway?
    5. Deleted member 10171
      Deleted member 10171
      Your "future wife" comment made me :lol: Hope you find her :)
    6. La Sagna
      La Sagna
      I have to say that I don't know how the women's pictures are on the sites but most men really need help with getting better picture. Most of them look scary or depressed. I don't know if someone advised them not to smile but it was bad advice.
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    7. La Sagna
      La Sagna
      I'm new at dating of any kind. I didn't get to do it when I was younger and now I'm just starting so perhaps you're right and it's the whole process that is like that. How depressing. I think the problem that I find with online is that what attracts me to people is more their energy, how they move, their expressions, how they speak, you can't really see that on a website. Plus, I think that seems to be what is most attractive about me to others, the warmth and sensuality that I project but that cannot be shown on a profile. On a website I just blend in. In real life it's different. It's a new experience. I have to figure it out. It's another opportunity to grow. Thanks for the feedback.
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    8. La Sagna
      La Sagna
      Thank you! I like it here. I find online dating sites dehumanizing because its like the grocery store with products lined up to shop from and all you have to look at is the label. Some people treat others really badly on there too, and I sometimes feel like I do too but it's so overwhelming you can't chitchat with everybody. It mostly makes me feel bad.
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    9. La Sagna
      La Sagna
      I'm trying online dating. It's really dehumanizing. You have to be a very confidant and tough person to not let it get to you.
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    10. SarahBS
      Could you take a look at that thread again plz?
    11. SarahBS
      Could you kindly read that thread please?
      Tnx a lot
    12. SarahBS
      I'll be waiting for your answer :m111:
    13. SarahBS
      Everything you said was the truth.What I really want here in the forum is just sharing and having someone to help me :)
      Thank you :)
    14. SarahBS
      Cool :m129:
    15. SarahBS
    16. INFJ16
      I collect quotes too. I have a composition book that I write them in. There's a lot of them so I'm definitely not as selective.

      Yes. I think a lot of quotes gain popularity because they sound nice but they actually lack valid substance. Plus, I think it's a little annoying that some people's quotes become famous, but what they said isn't anything spectacular or new. They just get the acclaim from the saying because they are already famous.

      I like the Stephen Hawking quote. Lol. The other quote is a bit crude, but I do agree with the idea behind it. I also think people should establish in themselves opinions and beliefs, but they need to have well thought out reasoning behind them.
    17. INFJ16
      True. True. I see what you mean. Oh, I didn't mean to imply that you were unaware of the difference or that you were using either word incorrectly. I agree that knowledge usually implies wisdom, but I know some people who fail to apply the things they know (hence lack wisdom). What I mean by wisdom being hard to measure is that people have different ideas/standards/opinions on what is "wise." Of course there are many things that people generally regard as "wise" or "unwise," but do you get what I mean? Please excuse my awkward articulation. :ohwell:

      Cool quiz! I got 27/30 (got 20, 24, and 25 wrong). A lot of the "trick" answers were obvious though. Ooh. Latin is really helpful when it comes to this sort of thing! It might be a "dead language" but it can still come in handy.

      Yeah the theory itself is more important than the name of the guy who came up with it. I'm the same way with a lot of names in historical studies. I can tell you about an event and what happened, but names are easy for me to forget. The fact that I'm the big picture type rather than detail oriented plays a part in this. I actually had an American History teacher who was not only great with names of historical figures, but he could tell you what state/area they were from. To me that seemed unimportant and really tedious to try to remember, but everyone's different. What was tedious for me to memorize was just fun facts to the teacher.

      Curiosity is a great thing. Awesome quote! (... I had more written, but I got logged out and had to retype from memory so the message is shorter than It was originally...)
    18. TigersGoRAWR
      thank you very much! :D
    19. INFJ16
      (I don't want to mess with the flow of the thread too much so I'm going to post my reply here.)
      Mmm. I could never say I'm wiser than someone. Not sure how you'd go about measuring that anyway. I know that wisdom and knowledge tend to be used synonymously, but there's a difference. Wisdom is the application of knowledge. So you can know a lot of information but still lack wisdom if you fail to apply it.
      Yeah, confidence is a maturity rather than immaturity thing. There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance, but I did notice that you added in a weakness too. :) I totally get you with the whole procrastination thing by the way.
      As far as that link goes, it has way too much jargon for me. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not at all knowledgeable in this area. I find behavioral science interesting, but I have zero understanding of Indeterminacy. Is that a Nietzsche concept?
    20. Scientia
      Oh no!! Sorry!
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