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Jul 13, 1994 (Age: 26)

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Jul 7, 2015
    1. dudemanbro
      Hi Elaf. Hope things are going well. I'll never forget the thread you made - oh it was so funny. I laughed a lot. I haven't been here often myself but in any case, hope to chat with you again ...and blessings to you and your family. :)
    2. Quiet
      Hope the study is going well for you Elaf and you have more time for yourself now. Thinking of you, sending you a great big Loving hug, bless you
    3. Amalthea
      You need to clear some messages apparently ^^
      Ah. Self discovery trips ^^ Oh yes, I've had some of those going on. I hope you found only good things. How is being a freshman suiting you? I know nothing about ENFPs at all, only that miss elaf is a very lovely one, so they can't be all that bad :)
      2013 was a very weird year for me. I'm relieved it's over. 2014 however, is looking mighty fine
    4. Amalthea
      I'm not sure but i'm here now :)
    5. Shaqie
      Sad face emoticon!
    6. Shaqie
      A Question Mark!

    7. Quiet
      Hey Elaf,
      Hope you are well.
      Im sure she is a better condition now. i understand what your professor is saying, all people percieve differently and we should all choose what is right for us. In my experience, i found it horrible to administer morphine in order to prolong her life. It is a nasty drug and it feels that the person is not there. And it has side effects. In my opinion, there are some things much worse than death. They did find a possible treatment for her cancer, maybe about 6 months after she passed on. However, it is unknown whether it would have been applicable, as cancer steadily eats away the body.
      I think these decisions are influenced greatly by our spiritual beliefs. I do not see death as something to be feared. And life- is something to be lived and loved and enjoyed, not prolonged. But the decision is only applicable to me. When it is time for me to leave this body, i will do so, grateful for the experience i had here, knowing that i am returning to God's peace.

      How do you feel about this question? How is your study going?

      Love and blessings to you
    8. Quiet
      Thank You Elaf!
      Thats great that you did so well with your exam.
      In regards to your question, i would ask the person what their wish was.
      If they could not communicate, and there was no hope, then, yes, i would end the suffering. I know that they are going to a better place of Love, Grace, Joy and Peace, with no suffering.
      My mother suffered for a long time- she had a brain tumour cancer, and for the last 5 months of her life she was completely paralysed and in a vegetative state, unable to move. It was horrible. Often, i could tell that she was not with her body, her spirit would leave for periods of time. She was suffering, and not really 'alive' but my father was so afraid to let go. When she finally passed away, she smiled, and everything felt lighter and freer. She had wanted to go home, but we had been holding her back for our comfort.

      And i would love to hug you too Elaf. I am happy to have met you here. I promise that if i can travel to where you live one day, we will share a big hug.

      Love and blessings to you always

      Some more flowers for you- at this time of year, all the jacarada trees are full of these beautiful purple flowers

    9. Shaqie
      Thank you Elaf and ...

      ... you are forgiven ... obviously :D
    10. Quiet
      Thank You Elaf!
      Honestly, the thought of you always makes me smile. I feel the same way. Thank you for your hug, i absolutely felt it and appreciated it. Im sending you the feeling of the warm sun on your back and the the smell of bright green foliage and summer flowers. It is hot here on this side of this world and it feels fresh and alive.

      These are for you


      Frangipanis are my some of my favourte flowers and they are everywhere at the moment! The ground is covered with the blooms, the smell is heavenly, so im sharing this wth you so you can enjoy it too. Be blessed friend, and have a blessed day!
    11. Quiet
      Lovely to see you here again Elaf! How are you? Much love and blessings to you
    12. Shaqie
      yeeeey ... you are back, how was the adventure?
    13. Shaqie
      I am online and regular now and you .... are gone ...
    14. Quiet
      Thanks Elaf! Much Love to you
    15. Lemonworld

      Enjoy! :)
    16. Amalthea
      :) Not spoken to you in a while. I hope you're well!
    17. Elaf
      10 posts ?! in a row ? , EPIC MOMENT OF GLORY :becky: :becky:
    18. Elaf
      8 posts in a row on the Activity Stream , moment of glory :becky:
    19. Gktr
      Hmm, neither of them I guess. ^^
    20. Amalthea
      Thank you! :)
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