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Apr 5, 2015
    1. muir
      Didn't see that one but there have been a few whsitleblowers before snowden...none of them made the splash that he did though

      You're right though they are sifting and storing EVERYTHING

      The state of Utah has threatened to switch off the water supply to that facility. The computers there need tons of water for their cooling system so it would trash the facility if the water was cut off. Let's hope they do it!
    2. muir
      Yeah..the more books and articles and so on covering the stuff in the piece that you posted that i read the more connections i can make and the more i get out of them

      Someone looking at it for the first time will hear a bunch of seemingly random names and bizarre sounding groups and maybe see some pictures of strange unfamiliar symbols but when i read it it all ties into a large mental map. As the map grows the world makes more and more sense

      I wouldn't recommend trying to get any direct experience of these guys and their activites though!
    3. say what
      say what
      My bad. I didn't realize you were such a fragile soul! Kittens and clouds from now on- promise
    4. say what
      say what
      I thought anyone, guy or girl, enjoyed a funny note on occasion.
      Is it difficult to go around assuming every nice person is flirting with you? It must get exhausting, eh?
    5. say what
      say what
      Thought your wall was getting a little lonely..

    6. say what
      say what
      Yes! I see mean...I didn't notice until now. It's certainly not why I keep posting things on your wall.
    7. digitalbum
      @muir, yeah I feel ya, she is an instigator and c***

      The good news is that while some police records may have him stigmatized (it hasn't affected any job prospects, it was more a slap on the wrist) all his friends knew the situation and what a psycho she was.
    8. digitalbum
      I got the second part
    9. say what
      say what
      Any violence bothers me.
      I would rather see them hug it out...preferably shirtless.
    10. say what
      say what
      What don't you like on your wall?


      Sorry...didn't hear you! ;)
    11. muir
      Dude theres a dancing cock on your wall.....i'd say its been properly christened now

      The stigma thing...that ties into what you are saying about your friend

      Because his girlfriend made those accusations against him he now gets stigmatised....but she was the instigator

      Some people use stigma as a weapon
    12. say what
      say what
      Maybe I'm coming at it from a perspective that has seen male violence...If I ever go crazy on a man, I would hope he would call the police or someone to step in, rather than slapping me! But I don't like real fighting at all- scares me to death. I solve things with hugs.
    13. digitalbum
      That one's pretty funny though, the obese twerkers, not so much
    14. digitalbum
      Oh god, I guess I invited that. But actually I was talking to @muir and @lark. I don't know if adding @ shows up as a mention.
    15. say what
      say what
      You can't tell me what to do!!
      I'll mess it up if I want too!!!

    16. digitalbum
      Hey don't mess up my nice clean visitor wall.
    17. say what
      say what
      No one deserves physical violence in my opinion. He should have called the cops on her though, instead of slapping her- seems like she was a smart one!
    18. muir
      I didn't call you a rapist. I was explaining to you about stigma

      It was a pretty powerful message about how stigma works

      If i'd used the word 'thief' that wouldn't have carried any weight....
    19. Lark
      guys just an eejit, I thought his posts were interesting to begin with but when you get the whole calling people rapists thing broke out and not a back track when the opportunities given its not hard to sum a person up
    20. say what
      say what
      Get out yo rings, and get ready to slap some male-bitches, boy!
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