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  • :) Absolutely. Although to be fair I do have other things I should've done first, but meh. I'll take the wins where I can get 'em. ;)
    A little tired, but not too bad now. I got a few things accomplished this week, and I'm feeling pretty good about it. :) Thanks for asking!
    Hi! Peace be with you. Just started a Lenten discussion thread in our group for the next 40 days. God bless.
    Heya, I have been doing pretty good. I got accpeted to grad school last month, so that's the one big piece of news. how about you?
    Things are going well for me.I just got over food poisoning and a small bout of flu...and I am currently on Spring Break :)

    And hmm, you missed the infamous anonymous confessions thread lol.

    I am sure you heard about Neverami's death?

    how have you been, yourself
    Oh, that's wonderful! Yes, if you have some good resources I'd love to hear them. I'm really especially interested in indoor gardening, or square foot gardening. :D
    Very cool - I may take you up on that organic gardening lesson, once I get settled. :D
    That really was fun to watch. It was interesting how well they synchronised with each other.

    I found a piece you might like: [ame=""]YouTube - Cohen's Masterpiece (Cohen's Scherzo n°7)[/ame]

    I suppose I ought to tell you though that the credited composer, Cohen, doesn't actually exist. This is from Bioshock. But don't snub it just because it's game music. It's deviliciously hard to play and sounds...interesting. Maybe inspired by Rachmaninoff? What do you think?
    Naw. Just needed to spread some love. I don't post all that often, give out rep even less so. I've been in lurker mode on the forums for months. As of yet haven't posted anything serious. I also get embarrassed when I don't.

    Btw. I'm drunk right. Happy day.
    Nice to meet you, I'm a weird person.
    I don't claim to be one myself, but any friend of Horowitz is a friend of mine. :)
    I didn't know I had that gene, or that such a gene existed until this year. It's strange, a year ago I could barely grow a decent patch on my chin, and the year before that, nothing at all. Yet, I get to this year and POOF all the sudden I can grow a full beard, out of nowehere. Delayed puberty or something? Either way, it works for me :D
    Well, F*ck you too!!

    Not. Now that you mention it I remember what the song is about lol.
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