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  • oh Thanks for all the info ^^
    It's nothing easy after all...
    Sorry about the inbox :D
    well I like to store all the msg my friends send me , I just didn't know I could save 200 of them :D
    Awww.. that's really great to hear. :D
    Esp the part you're overcoming lots of things..
    It's still a long way to go but you're on your way..
    and yes, I'm just here for you.. Chalti! :hug:
    Hi Chalti, just letting you know that members who are not logged in can see your blog. Not sure if you were aware. I noticed it the other day, and wanted to mention it. If you want only members or contacts to see your blog, you can change your blog settings when you click on Blogs.
    sorry i couldn't figure out how to post comments lol.

    maybe you could to with some alone time, you know?

    maybe a bit of time to sort out what you want to do?

    i know how you feel though.
    God knows we all do right. .

    but seriously, if you want to talk or anything.
    email me, or message me or whatever ae.
    maybe we could have a skype, nd i might be able to share some ideas with you :)

    that is, if you dont mind listening to.
    possibly either the most insane person on earth or, the most complete genius lol, maybe both.

    all the best love,

    hey -
    some things i do.
    watch some good movies,
    masterbation is healthy and disracting, or safe sex.
    think up some ideas about how YOU could play a big part in saving the world if you put your mind to it.
    help someones in need always feels good, or find out how you could on a large scale.
    enjoy your creativity -
    i believe in you, love,
    if anyone can figure out the answer to your problem.
    YOU are by far the greatest candidate,
    and when you figure it out.
    GO DO IT!! .:p

    we all love you, big hugs and kisses from, the family here in rotorua new zealand.

    akunamatata!!... it means "no worries"
    Sometimes, its really better if you withdraw from the people who gives you so much hurt.
    And glad that you just deactivated your accounts.
    I think when you're ready.. you can activate it again.
    We can really get disappointed when we care so much and they aren't hmm..
    the wavelength doesn't match.
    Hopefully, you'll feel better soon.. ^^
    Wishing you all the best!
    I'm not feeling physically well now.. but I will be okay! :)
    Oh wow, what an experience.. temples!! *drools*
    2 months will fly by as well but yep..
    I really hope you will have a smooth transition. :)
    2 months will fly fast so take beautiful pictures with you.. :)
    Have you been into their famous spots yet? like their temples.. I'm in awe of them!
    Yep, its gonna be a transition so just hang on.. you will be fine!
    You have two months left so make the most out of it.. :)
    Glad to hear you get to rest a lot now..
    and dwell more with the feeling of "excitement"
    coz its a positive feeling/energy and will make you happy more..
    about the other thing.. I know you will be fine. You'll get a new job!
    Yep, I am feeling a lot better.. wishing you all the best, Chalti!! :)
    I've been up and down lately but I'm doing good now.. :)
    and ooh that's intriguing.. (emotionally exhausted..)
    I hope whatever that is.. you will come out alright and happy!
    We are here for you though.. me especially! :)
    (I can't use smileys right now.. Idk why) lol..
    Lol, I am good just having a slow brain these days lol.
    and migraines haha.. how about you?
    you look so busy IRL lol. But continue visiting us.. :)
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