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Oct 20, 1991 (Age: 31)
save the world, if not: help save the world: if

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    1. Chalti
      Thank you so much! Sorry this is a super late reply, I've been trying to get over a lot of feelings, and I'm coming back home after a year abroad soon, so that's the only thing keeping me a little happy! I've been in another rut, but I'm overcoming it as well! Yeah, we can totally share skypes - I'd love to talk to anyone on this forum tbh!
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    Oct 20, 1991 (Age: 31)
    save the world, if not: help save the world: if
    i was born in rotorua/ new zealand, first country to see the sun, where the son rises, from the east to the west.
    i grew up, as a different child to many others, and as i got older realised this more and more.
    at 15 i began leaving (skipping) school to educate myself, at the library, by 16 i had left school and was in a course headed for the army / navy, by 18 i was accepted to the navy however i did not attend as i had a job and family issues to attend.
    at this point in my life i had found God, love, and truely began my exploits learning expanding and experiencing more and more relative to the god i believed in.
    bye 19-20 i understood myself to be the son of man.
    which is the prophecised second coming of jesus, not the same man, but a follow up of a man/person in the same position of relevants to humankind, as he was.
    from here my knowledge expanded greatly. i worked as a youth worker, and did a course in business and administration, though continuing the exploits towards saving the world, or finding the means by cause to saving the world, fromt he position of one man/myself.
    i now work at red stag timber, the largest mill on this side of the hemisphere, and i have figured out the method by which saving the world is possible,
    i am an unorthadox christian, and i have figured the calculation by which god is made certainly possible by all means of scientific calculations.
    i AM a person, .
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    My family
    my community
    my country
    my people
    cheesecake :P
    What would be your epitaph?:
    i duno what epitaph means lol?

    unite please.
    follow your heart
    believe in things,
    believe in jesus
    believe in yourself
    believe in others

    that i love you.

    you can do it.

    i will watch over you.
    if i can :)
    my name is david jonathan.
    most importantly i am a person,
    i consider myself, a real time equivelant to the biblical character named as the son of man,
    i enjoy most things, people, sports, self defence sparring combat, singing, dancing, helping, imaginaton, life, work, peace,
    love most of all.
    i am educated in relevant base knowledges including but not limited too, physics, science, psychology, philosophy, religion, life, experience, reality, interpersonal communication, social studies, etc
    i am currently living with my family,
    i have 1 boy another baby on the way, 1 5 year old step daughter,
    i am not married to my partner, but i consider myself to be.
    everyone in my family is special to me.
    technically speaking, everyone is special to me.
    i am an unorthadox christian
    i am skilled in self defence, teaching/ministry, i undertstand business and administration well, and have a life filled with love,
    im trying to save the world atm, and urge anyone listening to help with with this task if you have the energy to do so..
    i can answer most of the legitimate questions you have aout almost anything,
    so if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask. ok? :p

    helping YOU as a reader find GOD, or just helping you in any way i can reach a place in life that is good, for yourself, and those around you.
    my family, those that surround me, people in general, the state of the world and my country
    love and loving,
    GOD, peace, unity AND HARMONY
    practically anything can interest me.
    i play basketball, touch, boxing , MMA, self defence tutoring,
    minestering religious knowledge,
    teaching, psychology, scientific analisation,
    talking with friends, helping people.
    savingt he world :)