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Jul 28, 2015
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Jun 5, 1984 (Age: 36)
Firestone Colorado

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Community Member, Female, 36, from Firestone Colorado

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Apr 5, 2019
    1. Skarekrow
      No…you are amazing!
      I’m glad you are doing okay…have been on here off and on.
      Keep on going!
    2. Skarekrow
      Just go with what feels right in your heart…it sounds like you are doing a pretty damn good job, even if you don’t see it that way all the time ;-)
      Let me know if I can help you in any other way, okay?
    3. Skarekrow
      How is everything?!
      Glad to see you are still amongst us!
      Did those readings help you any…now that you have had time for introspection?
    4. Skarekrow
      :m161: Hi!
    5. SarahBS
      ^_^ oh I see

      It's ok ^_^ Take your time <3
    6. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
      You're very welcome

    7. Poetic Justice
      Poetic Justice
    8. Skarekrow
      I’ve joined PEERS (Portland Entheogen Exploration Society), even though Portland is 30 mins away…and I have yet to attend a meeting.
      But they have guest speakers, researchers and whatnot. I have been chatting with a few on Facebook and I know I can get those and much more if I wanted (actually just waiting to get paid haha)…but also a co-worker of my SO is a Reiki practitioner and reads tarot too, she says her friend in Seattle has some and she wants to do it and wants me there to pull her back psychically if I need too - which is flattering in a strange way.
      I have high hopes, and I really feel that this is what will make the difference for me.
    9. Skarekrow
      Thanks…that’s very nice.
    10. Skarekrow
      How are you today?
      Feeling okay here….not feeling anything in the noosphere this morning….yesterday was a but bumpy though.
    11. Skarekrow
      Gotta run ttyl
    12. Skarekrow
      We both need to have more faith in ourselves…me included there.
      I find that when I try to be more open to the energies around me, that my thoughts quiet down for moments at a time, but I feel better…mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically even.
      So this is what I have been trying to do lately…this is why your reading was a little more in depth than the last.
      Maybe it’s only a placebo type effect, you know - psychosomatic.
      But that isn’t how it feels to me.
      And hey, if it makes me feel better then I’m not going to jump to debunk it too fast.
    13. Skarekrow
      That was actually my next line of thinking in what I was typing about….that some people reach much further out than others do or can sense much further out.
      Many people believe that we actually rehearse how we are going to react in our sleep for large events, we just do not usually remember such things upon waking….those that do call them Premonitions.
      No, they have proven around 10 seconds in the lab…but that doesn’t eliminate that it reaches much further or backward, just that we don’t know how to detect that reach with the tools at our disposal in this day and age.
      I actually define “faith†as your spiritual/psychic ability to manipulate reality…when we hear stories of people like Jesus walking on water and he tells of how it takes but a mustard seed to move a mountain people misinterpreted that IMHO…he was referring to your own faith in yourself, not in him, not in God, because it is all one, this in the faith that we are the creators of our reality and can shape it if we only build the right amount of “fithâ€.
    14. Skarekrow
      Kind of just trying to argue for argument’s sake…I’ve been getting this a lot lately.
      I can feel it too…it’s in the collective consciousness…there is so much shit going on with ISIS, and fear, and refugees, and starvation, etc.
      I think other people process that differently than the anxiety that I can feel from it….but I would guess you are more like me in that sense.
      Logically you can list reasons why you shouldn’t feel this way…and that list can far outweigh the opposite list, and yet - there is an underlying unease.
      This is what you are feeling. It has been scientifically proven beyond a shadow of doubt (and I will give you the links if you like) that our consciousnesses are connected somehow….and yet this is ignored for the most part. People are starting to see through the BS.
      They can feel it in their core what is true and what isn’t.
      That is why so many live discontented lives…they’ve suppressed this fundamental truth and replaced it with the truth as “best guesses†of materialist science.
      Because materialist science falls apart when you reach the quantum realm.
      Things can be in two places or no places at once…both forward and backward in time…and this is how WE operate…our minds are both operating forward and backward in time. Like a stick in the stream of time forms ripples, so do large events in our lives that are to come, some people can feel these ripples, some can even decipher what is causing the ripples (wish I could do that!), but this is why it is important to trust our gut and our heart - because somewhere subconsciously we know when something is about to happen. Lab experiments put this at about 10 seconds that our minds stretch into the future for the average person, these were all done via skin conduction and fMRI and could not have been faked.
      Wow..I am so rambling now. sorry
    15. Skarekrow
      Like some little noise…that would be great!
      Anyhow…give me an hour or so.
    16. Skarekrow
      Are we miscommunicating here? I just want to be very specific…is what I pointed out your question you want me to go with?
    17. Skarekrow
      YO!! :m141:
    18. Skarekrow
      Still here?
    19. Skarekrow
      Nah…it won’t ever go so far.
      I’m a peacemaker underneath it all…I just get overly passionate about certain subjects and find it very distasteful when people make a mockery of the pain, suffering and/or deaths of others.
      Even if said post were a benign chuckle…I specifically asked there be none of that.
      Anyhow…I let someone get under my skin…the thing is, I won’t back down if it’s unjust in my heart.
      That’s all that happened…besides my usual colorful language hahahaha
    20. Skarekrow
      Then tell PM me a few basic things about him…First name, age…whatever it is that he is really into…like as a kid a read every book I could find on Sharks.
      What is your definition of a “good man” that varies wildly and it would be my own projection of what I think a good man should be that it would filter through.
      So if I focus on your own vision it is very helpful.
      Thirdly, I want to ask if your level of comfort if I get strong negative signals, if that is something you want to know or not…usually if I am reading face to face I don’t ask this question but judge them as we go….it happens rarely that I will get such a strong negative feeling, so I don’t want you to worry, especially if it is a child.
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    Jun 5, 1984 (Age: 36)
    Firestone Colorado
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    My Son
    My Parents
    Internet Access
    Online places, to have "social" interaction

    Maybe coffee above Tacos....
    I - 97% <~I am surprised its not 100%
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    HAHAHA Low T.

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    I need a Sassy font, and a Sarcastic font.
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