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  • Lol yup, rooted in firmly here it'll be tough to get me to budge :P thanks for the warm welcome Chaz =)
    Hahaha how do you suggest we confiscate sex from people? ???

    Maybe a mug or a tshirt for your mum?
    i swear half of the disgusting sex terms they have on there don't even exist / haven't been purposely done by anyone.

    i hope.

    sooooooooooooooo gross!

    buy angry dragon mugs, tshirts and magnets
    Oh, if you look it up on regular Google, not Google Images.

    It's not -that- bad, but still. Ew, don't wanna know about that stuff!
    Oh no, Mr Walter Dragon would not like that.

    They're still bad ass though! :D

    Yeah ok, I'll come visit you with my dragon?
    I don't think so. :]

    Maybe I will find a magical komodo dragon with wings. Or a regular ol' dragon.
    Imagining that made me laugh a little.

    Maybe instead of having to buy flights I'll just ride my komodo dragon over.
    It's more like, soil and stuff on your shoes that they're wary of. Even tiny bugs can fuck shit up!

    NZ is pretty Nazi about that too, I think.
    Wow, really? Once I had to be patted down because I had TicTacs in my pocket when I went through the x-ray machine, but nothing major.

    I haven't been to Canada though, only the US and Australia.
    Maybe one day you and Dove can take your honeymoon in NZ :p

    I'd love to visit Europe but I also do not have the money for it. Shameshame.
    Aww. :(

    Come to NZ, we have plenty of nerds here. I consider myself semi-nerd. :]
    Nah, my flatmates play Magic the Gathering and invite heaps of people over to play all the time.

    My ex is still here though. Joy. :/ Haha sorry to whinge.
    That's good to hear. Yay, finally the 10 people who came over have left. I hate having heaps of visitors.
    Oops! :D And you're right. I never could get all those Pe/Pi etc. stuff written right.
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