1. 1

    First Message

    Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this.
  2. 1

    And you're still here.... Well I guess that is something

    5 or more Warning points and still a member
  3. 1

    Me be a lurker

    Lurking the forums being all shy and stuff....
  4. 1

    Likes living on the wildside

    Hasn't enabled two-factor authentication for your account.
  5. 1

    A Member

    Well done you worked out how to register, now let's see if you can work out the rest of the buttons...
  6. 1

    1 More Point

    Because you needed 1 more trophy point, for obvious reasons. Although, now it's illegal to accumulate anymore points...
  7. 2

    Somebody Likes You

    Somebody out there reacted positively to one of your messages. Keep posting like that for more!
  8. 5

    Keeps Coming Back

    30 messages posted. You must like it here!
  9. 5

    You know why you are here

    You've put something in MBTI on your profile
  10. 5

    Never Been Drunk

  11. 10

    Can't Stop!

    You've posted 100 messages. I hope this took you more than a day!
  12. 10

    I Like It a Lot

    Your messages have been positively reacted to 25 times.
  13. 10

    Stealthy stealthy

    You don't know that a picture paints a thousand words
  14. 10

    Facebook Stalker

    You have linked your Facebook account to your forum account
  15. 10

    A member of the Twitterati

    You have linked your Twitter account to your forum account
  16. 10

    It's like a social ghost town over there

    You have linked your Google account to your forum account
  17. 10

    Do you have a Flag?

  18. 10

    100 messages in 100 days

    100 messages in 100 days, it's like you planned it
  19. 10


    You have linked your Steam account to your forum account
  20. 10


    You have linked your Discord account to your forum account
  21. 10

    Article Writer

    You've posted an article, well done.
  22. 10

    Happy day

    We wish you all a happy day, regardless of whether or not it's your birthday. :)
  23. 10

    You're Loved

    Seriously, Isabella and Sadie, get a room. Sheesh! <3
  24. 15

    Seriously Likeable!

    Content you have posted has attracted a positive reaction score of 100.
  25. 15

    Pushing all the right buttons

    On the keyboard...
    to enter the correct four letter sequence
  26. 20


    1,000 messages? Impressive!
  27. 20

    Can't Get Enough of Your Stuff

    Your content has been positively reacted to 250 times.
  28. 25

    Seasoned User

    You've been a member here for half a decade... Do you feel older?
  29. 30

    I LOVE IT!

    Content you have posted has attracted 500 positive reactions.
  30. 30

    Security Guru

    Enabled two-factor authentication for your account.
  31. 50

    The Crowd Goes Wild!

    This trophy is awarded when your content has been liked 1,000 times. 1,000 - wow!
  32. 50

    Old School Cool

    You opened your account here more than 10 years ago. This is a good chunk of your life.
  33. 50

    Pushing all the actual right buttons

    Enter a certain sequence of 4 letters into that particular space.
  34. 57

    Be Icedream

    You're Icedream. ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)
  35. 60

    Doing the double

    1000 likes and 1000 posts
  36. 69


    Whatever it is, it's amazing. You're amazing. And Free is learning how to create trophies! Or break the forum. Either way, it'll be interesting!
  37. 69


    Good job doing nothing
  38. 69

    The Greatest

    You are the greatest of all time
  39. 82

    You Got It!

    Told ya you won *something*. May the 4th be with you.
  40. 96

    The Llama Whisperer

    If there is anyone who is going to unravel the myriad of ancient mysteries connecting all of existence together in immutable, previously inscrutable truth - It is only one person. You. The Llama Whisperer. The Llama Prophet.
  41. 99

    Over 9000

    Over 9000 Posts
  42. 100

    First Anniversary

    You've been registered here for a year, congratulations!
  43. 100

    Site Supporter

  44. 100

    Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!

    Somehow you have gained 2,000 likes. Good grief!
  45. 123

    HP's Valentine's Day 2018 Trophy

    You distributed a cornucopia of delightful Valentine's E-cards, you lovely phantom, you.
  46. 125


    You've posted ten thousand posts and received five thousand likes. You are a great human being.
  47. 125


    You've posted five thousand messages and yet received ten thousand likes. How did you do it? Let us know...
  48. 150

    Give and you shall receive

    Give out 12,345 or more likes
  49. 314

    Life of Pi

    Your likes to messages ratio is 3.14
  50. 333

    You're awesome

    For being awesome. :)
  51. 500

    50,000 posts: shouldn't you spend time with your family?

    Seriously, you're spending too much time here. Not that we're complaining. Just sayin'.
  52. 500

    Wooo the ladies

    You have dashing good looks and boyish charm
  53. 500

    Wooo the manlies

    Your milk shake brings all the boys to the yard
  54. 500

    Overlord of Giving

    You've given over 25,000 likes. You are an Overlord of Giving.
  55. 500

    Wooo Everyone

    You woo *everyone* with your wondrous, Free-spirited ways. ♡~(˘▾˘~)
  56. 555

    Supreme Overlord of Giving

    You have given at least 50,000 likes. Those Overlords of Giving are mere ants in the shadow of your giving. You give so much, your giving gives, creating an infinite circle of giving.
  57. 1007


    For being your amazing self, and all the time, care, and dedication you've poured into the forum. Your wisdom, maturity, kindness, and sense of humor have been a balm to so many here, and we can't thank you enough for being here and for letting us get to know you. It's been an honor and a privilege.
  58. 1010

    Drowning in trophies

    Been here a year, with more than 3840 posts
    Ask Roobarb&Custard about it