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New Users
Users who have made fewer than 42 posts may be subject to more immediate consequences following rule violations. Those who begin by making questionable posts (be they inflammatory, spamming, off-topic or incoherent) will be placed in the "moderation bin" — meaning their posts will be displayed only pending approval by staff. Users dealt with in this manner will also be messaged, and depending on their replies, may be restored to full privileges or banned without further ado. These procedures are intended to prevent obvious trolls and spammers from inflicting rapid damage while infractions and other, slower measures are being taken.

Member Requests
In addition to maintaining the quality of the forums, staff perform various tasks at member request. Some common requests are routinely granted; others are routinely denied; some require case-by-case discussion. Below are guidelines for the two categories of requests:
Your Account
  • We do not delete user accounts. You may, however, receive a voluntary temp-ban (displayed as “On Holiday”) for up to six months at a time.
  • If you donate a minimum of $10, you may have your username changed. Members are asked to avoid frequent changes, and to consider their choices carefully.
  • In exceptional cases, we may allow a member to register a new account. Only one active account may be held at a given time, but those who wish to leave behind old identities may be given that opportunity depending on the circumstances.
Threads and posts
  • You are able to edit or delete your own posts for up to 72 hours after posting. After that time has passed, we will grant edit requests at our own discretion. Edits are typically not made to content that has already been quoted. Only urgent reasons (such as pressing privacy concerns) will compel us to alter third parties’ posts without their specific permission.
  • Threads of a personal nature (e.g., blog and interview threads) will be closed upon request by those primarily concerned. Blog threads in particular come with special privileges: the threadstarter has the option of having the thread closed or even deleted, and is able to have other members banned from the thread on request.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment includes the sending of any undesired correspondence of a sexual nature, including sexual innuendos, to another forum member via any format within the forum. This includes visitor messages, private messages, reputation comments, blog entries, direct (or strongly implied) references to members on the open boards, or tagging members on posts of said nature.

Allegations of sexual harassment must be submitted by the recipient and cannot be submitted on behalf of another forum member. If you have been the target of sexual harassment on this forum, please be sure to do the following as soon as possible:

-Notify the sender stating clearly that the correspondence is offensive to you and that you do not wish to receive any communication of this nature in the future.

-Notify staff of the incident via the report function or via pm with a link (where possible) to the offensive material.

A first offense will result in a warning.
A second-offense may result in a week-long ban from the forums.
A third-offense may result in a permanent ban from the forums.

Any flagrant attempts to sexually harass members of this forum may result in an immediate permanent ban.