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  1. Make generally on-topic, substantive and cleanly organized contributions to threads.
  2. Minimize the following in your posts:
    Text in ALL CAPS, bright colors, or sizes larger than 3
    Non-English language outside of the Writing and Languages section
    Errors in spelling and grammar
    Because members use a variety of browsers and forum layouts, standard formatting is encouraged.
  3. Restrict discussion inappropriate for minors to the Mature Topics section.
  4. Keep one and only one active account, unless given explicit permission by staff.
  5. Abide by staff decisions and directives pertaining to individual cases, provided they do not conflict with the stated rules.

  1. Use the forum to disseminate indecent, obscene or pornographic material.
  2. Use the forum to violate or conspire to violate United States federal law.
  3. Attack or provoke another member or group of members by means of insult, ad hominem, rudeness or button-pushing.
  4. Disturb the peace of the forum via hostile advancement of religious, political, ethnic, sexual or other agendas.
  5. Violate privacy or compromise anonymity of other members without their permission.
  6. Use the forum to advertise for personal gain.
  7. Display vulgar or garish signatures, avatars or profile fields.