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  1. Anyone here ever have this relationship? And/or any thoughts on this?

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  2. Plentiful, and quite fun/interesting!
  3. A lost ENFP once took me as an excuse for fleeing from his wedding to come... Not a good experience (he finally got married, though most people think he shouldn't have... We'll see).

    Personally I haven't met an ENFP I would be really attracted to yet. If I did though I'm sure I would be in for a lot of fun. It would force me to come out of my shell and experience many things I wouldn't do normally, and I think it would be positive. It would be an adventure. It could be also highly irritating at times for the random stubborn opinions they can get. And the fact that they always change their mind and find something new they're into, completely refuting the opinion they had two weeks before.

    For some reason it doesn't seem to be as irritating for me with ENTPs, because they're not as emotionally involved in their arbitrary opinions. I guess the F adds to the P in a negative way for me. Don't know if this makes sense.
  4. I've had two male ENFP bosses and my best friend is (I think) ENFP. They're cool people, but the problem is when they start making judgment calls. They can really uber scrutinize certain things and assume some things that aren't there. Their intuitive side can be really wacky. For example: INFJs can "know" what the problem is by looking at a person or intuiting something about them, but they don't know the steps that got them there. ENFPs get their knowledge by seeing the steps, but their conclusion could be way off base.

    I've been in tears with my two ENFP bosses because technically they were right about an incident, but when I tried telling them that the conclusion (or the reason why) was incorrect, it sounded as if I were making excuses for my behavior.


    And trying to convince them otherwise is a pain in the neck. The other pain in the neck is when they are struggling with a problem and you have the conclusion. They want to know exactly how you came to the conclusion, and you can't tell them. :p

    ETA: Oh, yes...and my father was an ENFP.
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  5. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

    A very passionate and thrilling disaster :m077:
  6. The last ENFP I knew was too into me. I was scared to go to class everyday because he'd be there - sitting, staring. He would try as hard as possible to make me speak to him, any subject every detail. Come to find out he had a girlfriend the whole time. :m053:
    Thank god he moved away, he was just too unhealthy for me.
  7. lol ENFPs arent gettin much love. I don't know any girl ENFPs that i'm aware of, but I read ENFP and ENTP are the "natural" partner. Pretty interesting posts though.

  8. ...oh god I attract them like MAGNETS!!! I can't get rid of them! lol. I love them though <3
  9. I don't know of any.
  10. I want a test drive. Put a couple in a crate and ship them to me.
  11. Can't, trying to organize a group of ENFP is like herding cats! haha :tongue1:
  12. I fully agree with you! This could be a lovlely relationship buildt on love.
    The E will pay most attention to it's outside which the I (the partner) is apart of, wheras the I will emphasize the internal world which the ENFP will force the I to open up, mutually within the relationship as trust is buildt. I would say this makes great communication possible between the two and both are lucky to enjoy one anothers observations. However I can totally see why this outgoing nature of Extroverts can be intimidating and perhaps make the Introvert feel pressured? :)

    Lol I'm sure you do attract them (just look at me a girl from half way across the world) something about you must have triggered me to write, y'know ;)

    Also I discovered recently that I'm E and I, which makes an A = Ambivert, both! You think I should put that instead even though I'm more E?

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  13. Actually I just realized I have several very good ENFP friends, but I don't think I could ever date them... They don't feel quite strong enough i suppose... Or not cold enough, haha, damn those NTs
  14. i personally think that i'd get annoyed after a while.
  15. My closest friend is an ENFP, and I never get tired of her, she's endlessly entertaining and enlightening with an outrageous sense of humor and keen intellect. She finds me equally entertaining and enlightening, I gather. We have these excellent, long standing jokes and thematic stories that we build on over time, and crack each other up. She's VERY creative, but in an entirely different way than I am. She asks very little of me; never takes me up on my (many) offers to assist her, yet any time I'm in need she's there on the spot to help without being asked. She's incredibly self-sufficient and practical, but still so warmhearted and empathetic. Between the two of us, we were opposite sides of the same coin on our old forum (she left when I left) as the two primary go-to people for sound, thorough, compassionate, well-researched practical advice.

    So, probably not the same kind of information you need if you're thinking about a romantic relationship, being that we're both heterosexual females, but if she's truly representative of ENFP's, I can't fault them.

    My husband is an ESFP... but I don't know enough about typing to know if that's a close proximity for a romantic assessment.
  16. Hell Yeah! :)
  17. Ya I've seen that too and it kinda worries me. It seems like there would be plenty of friction or excitement.

    I know the E can sometimes be rather intimidating for me.
  18. Ya it can be for sure at times, but for me, there's a certain comfort level to them too. Easy to talk to, but can be annoying at times also haha.

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